Indoor and outdoor decontamination services

Rapid response decontamination and disinfection service for indoor and outdoor facilities of all sizes and types.

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Discreet and thorough facility decontamination and disinfection services

Cleanaway offers a comprehensive industrial decontamination and disinfection service that provides complete coverage in enclosed or outdoor spaces. Our service can be completed outside your organisation’s operating hours, minimising disruption while ensuring safety.

Service features and delivery include:

  • Wide range misting application for large open spaces including warehouses, parks and factories
  • Targeted application for handrails, equipment and other high-touch areas
  • Non-corrosive disinfectant is suitable for all types of hard surfaces including bricks, concrete, ceramic, glass, aluminium, chrome-plated/stainless steel and painted surfaces

Large scale decontamination service featuring misting technology

Back to work with our decontamination service

We also offer rapid response decontamination services for emergency situations as well as scheduled and regular preventative decontamination for high-risk facilities.

Decontamination in action

We utilise a non-corrosive decontamination process that safely cleans and decontaminates spaces. Together with Hammelmann Australia and Enviromist, we have developed the latest fogging nozzle technology to ensure the best application of product that’s less aggressive than conventional methods and ensures no damage to people, property or assets.


Key customers

Commercial properties and facilities

We offer emergency response and regular decontamination services that can be carried out outside your business hours, minimising disruption.

Transportation and logistics

Our comprehensive decontamination service is suitable for both external and internal premises, including vehicles and warehouses.

Why Choose Cleanaway

Timely service

Our industrial decontamination service can be completed in several hours (dependent on location size) and outside your operating hours, minimising disruption.

Preventative action

Proactive decontamination reduces the risk of infection.

Peace of mind

Regular service reassures customers and staff of your facility’s safety, cleanliness and compliance

Backed by experience

Our experienced team of occupational hygienists are backed by a purpose-built equipment and years of experience in emergency response

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We have decades of experience providing industrial cleaning and maintenance services to help keep Australian industries operating smoothly.
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