Solvent Disposal

We collect and recycle your solvent waste into new saleable grade solvent through our solvent distillation process.

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Solvent waste management

Solvent waste, similar to waste oil, can be recycled to saleable grade solvent and as liquid fuel to power kilns and as an alternative fuel. This can be done through a solvent distillation process, in which the solvents are treated with heat to break the solvent down into its component parts.

This helps us close the loop on solvent waste and keeps solvents out of landfill.

Our aim is to recover and reuse the maximum amount of solvents possible, ensuring minimal impact on the environment. Providing a fully EPA-licensed solvent collection and recycling service, we collect solvents from your workshops using our large fleet of specialist collection vehicles.

Through our distillation process we can turn your solvent waste into saleable grade solvent which is then sold to the automotive repair and refinishing industry.

Solvent recycling system

Cleanaway’s solvent recovery system allows us to collect, treat and restore solvent waste into a saleable commodity. Colour-coded bins are available to ensure employees will sort waste at the source, ensuring the purity of the solvent waste collected.

Workshop waste 
Re-usable commodity

Key customers

Automotive workshops

Our comprehensive workshop waste and solvent disposal collection service makes it easy for you and your employees to recycle.


Proper disposal of used solvents, along with our parts washer service extends the life of machinery while protecting the environment.

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Customised collection and disposal services

Customised to your business needs and budget.

Specialised fleet

Purpose-built fleet of trucks.

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