White Goods Recycling

Cleanaway works closely with our partners and municipal councils to collect, dispose of and recycle unwanted white goods.

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Home appliances recycling

White goods include major household electronic appliances such as fridges, washing machines, clothes dryers, air conditioners, water heaters, ovens and stoves.

Australians own more than 45 million household appliances. 2.5 million of these are discarded each year and potentially sent straight to landfill.

Recycling your unwanted white goods can help recover valuable materials such as metal and plastic as well as other non-renewable resources. This creates a closed loop in the economy and gives these materials a new lease on life. Proper disposal and recycling also keep toxic substances such as flame-retardants from entering the environment.

What happens to your household e-waste?

If your unwanted white goods are in working condition, consider selling or donating them. If they need to be thrown away, do not leave your home appliances by the kerbside. Contact your local council for bulk hard waste collection or find the nearest transfer station that accepts these materials.

White goods can be repaired or disassembled to recover recyclable materials. Materials that can’t be recycled will then be disposed of sustainably. Safely recycling white goods involves firstly removing any hazardous materials such as heavy metals, chemicals or gases from the appliance. Metal from white goods can be recycled repeatedly to make new products. During recycling, white goods are crushed and shredded for recycling. Copper, steel and plastics are recovered and reprocessed into new metal and plastic products.


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Cleanaway processes end-of-life electronic devices collected from drop off points and events organised by our partner councils.

Small medium-sized businesses

We can advise and organise an ad-hoc collection service to meet your business needs.

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For truly sustainable solutions

We are strongly committed to helping you increase your sustainability credentials with our safe and responsible electronic waste collection and recycling solutions.

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We ensure secure storage and transportation of your electronic devices, preventing data breaches from collection to disposal or destruction of your business e-waste.


Our EPA-approved recycling facilities are ready to accommodate your e-waste collection and recycling needs.

End-to-end local recycling solutions partner

From secure collection to recycling and resource recovery, you can trust our service is safe, ethical and sustainable.

Our Prize Assets

Our fully-licensed facilities feature unique, state-of-the-art technology delivering an impressive scale and quality of resource recovery capability. Learn more about our Prized Infrastructure and Technology for the Future.

More solutions for E-waste Recycling

Cleanaway offers electronics waste collection solutions that are compliant with local regulations.
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