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We provide tailored waste management solutions for the automotive and manufacturing sectors.

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Automotive industry waste solutions

Because time is precious for skilled personnel, our range of waste management solutions for automotive workshops and manufacturing plants takes away the hassle so you can focus on what you do best.

Through our equipment and services, we help workshops and factories be cleaner, safer and more efficient workplaces. We add value to your business by helping you recycle your waste products and provide long-term savings, gain a better reputation with your customers and integrate smarter habits in your everyday operations.

With our state-of-the-art resource recovery facilities and extensive fleet of specialist collection vehicles, we can pick up and recover regular and hazardous waste and process it into something new, such as premium grade lubricant base stock from waste oil. This can then be further developed into transmission fluid, engine oils, hydraulic oils and more.

Our range of services is compliant with safety regulations and standards to help your workshop successfully achieve sustainability goals.

Our expertise in total waste management solutions extends to the manufacturing industry. We create partnerships with all you to provide the most cost-effective manufacturing industry waste solutions for your business.

Manufacturers have multiple inputs and outputs, which give us the scope to make a real difference to your commercial and environmental sustainability. We will provide you with a tailored response based on your needs now and into the future, to ensure whatever you’re making is creating the smallest footprint possible.


Cleanaway is the largest waste oil collector in the country. We collect used oil and provide disposal and recycling services for thousands of clients across Australia.