Cleanaway’s Footprint 2025: Where we stand

Resource Recovery

August 16, 2018


In 2017, Cleanaway unveiled Footprint 2025, our roadmap to ensuring Australia has the right infrastructure in place to support communities in managing their waste, while continuing to improve resource recovery.

One year on, Cleanaway’s CEO Vik Bansal remains committed to meaningful partnerships with government, business and the community to deliver on our mission. “We’re looking at what Australians expect from us in the handling of their waste and how we can put the right infrastructure in place to sustainably deal with that waste by 2025.

“For too long waste has been a forgotten industry – so many of us have been guilty of ‘putting out the garbage’ and thinking no more of it. China’s acceptance of our recycled commodities has created an artificial supply chain and has led to complacency, but the landscape has changed and as a society we need to seriously rethink our approach.” said Vik.

Vik passionately believes in the potential for all waste to be turned into resource, despite recent challenges in the global markets. “China’s announcement earlier this year that they would no longer accept lower quality recyclable commodities has thrown a spotlight on our industry and the sustainable handling of waste in general. In the long term, we will think ourselves lucky this happened.

“It presents an exciting opportunity to raise the profile of waste and elevate the role it plays in making a sustainable future possible for Australia.” Vik explained.

In the last three years, Cleanaway has invested in our future footprint, including the recent acquisition of Toxfree and Daniels Health. Through our investment in infrastructure and partnerships with industry, Cleanaway is now the largest waste management company in the Asia Pacific and are primed to leverage our reach, technology and expertise to serve our customers better.

Here are just a few of the major infrastructure and technology capabilities within Cleanaway’s network:


Location of Cleanaway ResourceCo RRF, Wetherill Park on a map

Cleanaway ResourceCo Recovery Resource Facility, Wetherill Park

A joint venture with ResourceCo, this facility extracts high quality recyclables from dry commercial, industrial and residential hard waste. Leftover items which cannot be viably recycled are turned into a high-quality process engineered fuel that can power Australian industry while reducing reliance on fossil fuels.


Liquids (Technical and Environmental Facility), Narangba location on map

Liquids (Technical and Environmental Facility), Narangba

Cleanaway’s Narangba site is home to a state-of-the-art facility that allows us to recycle hard-to-recycle waste. Here, Plascon and indirect thermal desorption (ITD) technologies are used to treat waste such as PFAS (per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances), hydrocarbons and other hazardous liquids.


Karratha Liquid Waste Treatment Plant

Karratha Liquid Waste Treatment Plant

Cleanaway’s Karratha Hydrocarbon facility deals with a large variety of liquid waste streams, from industrial wastewaters to hydrocarbon impacted brines. This Toxfree facility supports Cleanaway’s existing hydrocarbon facilities, allowing us to offer a cost-effective recycled fuel oil alternative to raw material.


Daniels Health Robotic Wash, Dandenong

Daniels Health Robotic Wash, Dandenong

Daniels Health’s Robotic Wash facility is engineered to provide the highest levels of safety, environmental sustainability and decontamination for the Daniels Sharpsmart system. This facility delivers around 1.2 million reusable sharps containers a year, diverting almost 3,500 tonnes of plastic waste from landfill annually.


BluBox Recycling Plants in New South Wales & Victoria

With Toxfree in the Cleanaway family, our BluBox plants in New South Wales and Victoria automatically processes large quantities of e-waste in a faster, safer and more efficient way compared to traditional methods. These facilities allow us to divert over 4,000 tonnes of next generation e-waste from landfill every year.


Erskine Park Transfer Station

Erskine Park Transfer Station

Cleanaway is building on our success at the Erskine Park Landfill with a new transfer station, designed to manage waste generated by New South Wales’ growing population.


Perth MRF

Material Recovery Facility, Perth

Update: Perth MRF is no longer operational due to a recent fire that caused extensive damage to the facility. While we are deeply saddened by the incident, we are committed to rebuilding the MRF as soon as possible and restoring our state-of-the art sorting and processing service to the region.

The Perth MRF sets a new standard in recycling for Australia. This facility is equipped with state-of-the-art optical sorting technology and the capability to sort up to eight waste streams instead of the usual three to four. It can process up to 50 tonnes of material in less than an hour and can recycle up to 234,000 tonnes of material annually, which includes up to 53,000 tonnes of paper and cardboard, 7,300 tonnes of plastic, and 1,000 tonnes of aluminium and metals each year.


Hemmant Recycling and Resource Recovery Centre

Our Hemmant facility allows us to recover packaging waste in the Brisbane and Gold Coast metro areas, ensuring that cardboard, paper, polystyrene and soft plastics such as shrink wrap and pallet wrap are recycled efficiently and given a second life.


Read more about our integration with Toxfree and Daniels Health and how Cleanaway remains committed to serve you better through our combined presence.

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