Wetherill Park Waste Oil Refinery

Resource recovery for the used oil market

Cleanaway’s Wetherill Park is an industry-leading waste oil refining facility in New South Wales. The facility recycles and processes waste oil in a closed loop, reusing it as a precious resource. This reduces Australia’s reliance on virgin crude oil.

Annually we collect used oil from over 35,000 auto workshops and businesses across the country. We process over 150 million litres of used oil, offsetting approximately 900,000 barrels of oil requirements.

Cleanaway is the largest oil recycler in Australia and the only waste management company that has facilities processing waste oil in every mainland state and territory. In 2017 the facility achieved Category 1 status under Australia’s Product Stewardship for Oil (PSO) program. Wetherill Park is Cleanaway’s second Category 1 waste oil facility next to the Rutherford Waste Oil Collection Facility in NSW.

Key features

As a Category 1 waste oil processor, Cleanaway generates the highest quality re-refined oil products. New base oils are non-carcinogenic products that can be used as engine lubricant, transformer oil, hydraulic oil or any client-specific oils.

Wetherill Park is an EPA-licensed treatment facility that features state-of-the-art used oil generators, consolidated storage and compliant processing. Our comprehensive technology and process gives you the assurance that your waste oil is refined and utilised to the fullest.

  1. Used oil generators
    Cleanaway has the largest used oil collection network in the country, meaning you never have to worry about generating enough feedstock for your energy needs, as compared to having an on-site processing facility.
  2. Consolidated storage
    Our large collections network, mine-compliant collection and delivery fleet, along with our strategically-placed storage collections are compliant with all state and environmental regulations, giving you peace of mind when it comes to storing your waste oil and then re-refined base oil or recycled oil.
  3. Processing facilities
    Our Wetherill Park waste oil processing facilities are certified to the highest standard in Australia (PSO Category 1). Category 1 is the highest level of waste oil processing, providing maximum reward for the highest quality product.
  4. Licensed treatment
    All waste and by-products are tracked, reported and treated before reuse and disposal, allowing you to track your waste and report them as needed to local councils and other reporting bodies.
  5. Quality compliance and blending
    Our R&D and Quality Control teams will assist and ensure that our products meet your specifications and quality requirements to suit your needs.
  6. End product
    We guarantee supply, quality and performance with every load delivered.
Industries served
Commercial & Industrial
Waste streams
Waste oil
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RB 12

How we do it

Waste oil is tracked, reported and treated before reuse so you can monitor your waste oil and report to local councils and other regulating bodies as needed.

At the facility waste oil goes through initial testing based on the variety of oil. We remove contaminants through a separation system, which then produces virgin quality re-refined oil.

New oils

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