South East Melbourne Transfer Station

Commercial drop off and disposal site

Cleanaway opened the state-of-the-art South East Melbourne Transfer Station (SEMTS) in Dandenong South in 2017. The transfer station was built in response to a growing population and is designed with capacity for growth to serve the south-east corridor.

The SEMTS receives all commercial and industrial waste including putrescible and municipal, construction and demolition wastes.

The site acts as a consolidation point for waste, which will then be transported to the Melbourne Regional Landfill, in high capacity A-Double trailers. The use of these trailers will reduce the overall number of heavy vehicles, which would otherwise be transporting waste long distances, helping to ease congestion across Melbourne’s road network.

Cleanaway’s South East Melbourne Transfer Station aligns with Victoria’s long-term Statewide Waste and Resource Recovery Infrastructure Plan (SWRRIP). The SWRRIP focuses on establishing a network of hubs and spokes, with hubs being the facilities and landfills, and spokes like transfer stations that move materials from waste generators to hubs.

The South East Melbourne Transfer Station can accommodate and process over 400,000 tonnes of waste annually.

Key features

The South East Melbourne Transfer Station offers state-of-the-art technology and systems that provide maximum safety and efficiency:

  • Long range RFID automated weighbridges
  • 8 sets of A-Double trailers that can transport 73 tonne payloads
  • 9 commercial customer unloading bays
  • Columbia Tipper
  • Internal water cannons and sprinkler systems
  • 24/7 thermal imaging platform and notifications
  • 4,600m2 floor space
  • 10 compartment internal ventilation system
  • On site 100KL water tanks collecting rain water from the roof for use in amenities and gardens
  • Fully bunded on site 100KL leachate tanks with a three-stage leachate filtration process
Industries served
Construction and Demolition
Commercial and Industrial
Waste streams
General waste
Putrescible waste
Inert waste
Construction and demolition waste

How we do it

The SEMTS operates 24 hours a day, six days a week to manage South East Melbourne’s increasing waste management needs.

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