Plastic Recovery Facility, St Marys

Local manufacturing of sharps containers

Cleanaway’s Plastic Recovery Facility in St Marys manufactures reusable sharps containers and related spare parts for Cleanaway Daniels. This represents the complete onshoring of manufacturing capability for us and was completed in February 2020.

Key features

The Plastic Recovery Facility at St Marys has been upgraded with 40 new blow, injection and rotor tools, including a spare set of key tools to reduce production costs and downtime in the event of maintenance and repair.

The facility has in-house capability to pelletise and manufacture sharps collectors, creating a leaner supply chain better suited for rapid production, changes in customer demand while supporting and driving the local economy.

Industries served
Medical Industry
Waste streams
Reusable sharps containers
Reusable clinical waste containers
Reusable pharmaceutical waste containers

How we do it


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