Derwent Park Material Recovery Facility

Derwent Park MRF

The Derwent Park Material Recovery Facility (MRF) in Hobart is the only facility of its kind in Tasmania. It receives approximately 75 to 105 tonnes of kerbside recycling daily from local councils.

Since Cleanaway took over the facility in 2019, the Derwent Park MRF has seen significant improvements made, resulting in better recovery rates and increased safety.

Key features

Previously, Derwent Park MRF processed cardboard, newsprint, and mixed plastic/aluminium bales. After the improvements, it now processes multiple recycling streams, including cardboard, newsprint, HDPE, PET, mixed plastics, aluminium and steel.

Industries served
Waste streams
Cardboard and newsprint
Aluminium and steel
Mixed plastics

How we do it

Kerbside collection is dropped off at the MRF, where it is processed for recycling outside of the state.


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