Hemmant Recycling and Resource Recovery Centre

Hemmant packaging waste recovery and recycling

Cleanaway increased its recycling capacity in Brisbane with the Hemmant Recycling and Resource Recovery Centre – an upgrade from the previous facility to a 6,000 m2 centre that can process 75,000 tonnes of recyclables every year. The facility supports higher volumes of waste generated in greater Brisbane, Gold Coast, and throughout Queensland.

The facility also supports the Cleanaway Harvest Service which allows customers to combine recyclables—cardboard, paper, clear LDPE plastic and polystyrene—in one bin for recycling.

Key features

Hemmant has the capacity to support growth in publishing business waste volumes with the capacity to receive, recover and recycle 75,000 tonnes of waste a year.

Proximity to the Port of Brisbane makes Hemmant an excellent logistics hub for our customers and for transport operators in the Brisbane Trade Coast area.

The site is designed to improve the flow of product and materials from raw, pre-processed product through to finished, baled material ready for transport to the Port or domestic buyers and reprocessors.

Usually the majority of these commodities head overseas to countries such as China, India and Indonesia, however, Cleanaway is proud that an ever-growing percentage is being used in Australia to not only fuel jobs and growth but to create some extraordinary everyday items.

Hemmant uniquely supports the Cleanaway Harvest Service, which enables businesses to mix recyclable products of cardboard, paper, plastic shrink wrap and polystyrene in the Harvest bin and these are separated, sorted and baled at the Hemmant facility ready for domestic or export sale.

Harvest sorting at Hemmant allows Cleanaway to achieve market competitive commodity rate for a wider range of recoverable products.

Industries served
Commercial & Industrial
Waste streams
old corrugated containers
overissued magazines
overissued newsprint
mixed reels
mixed cores (ed rolls from publishers)
clean, clear LDPE plastics sealed in a clear plastic bag

How we do it

Cardboard, paper and plastic in bins are collected by Cleanaway trucks and transported to a sorting and recycling facility. These packaging waste materials are manually and mechanically sorted, then baled into different commodity streams, ready for reuse.

Paper and cardboard are used to produce magazines, greeting cards, and milk cartons. Plastics are melted and reextruded to create new plastic containers, and polystyrene is reused for insulation and other household items.

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