Dandenong South - Robotic Washline

Making healthcare safer

Our Dandenong South facility is designed to handle biomedical, pharmaceutical, cytotoxic, anatomical and clinical waste from healthcare facilities. We have a range of solutions that enhance safety, optimise waste segregation and reduce environmental impact.

Sharpsmart by Cleanaway Daniels

Sharpsmart is the most widely used sharps system in Australia, acknowledged by many peer-reviewed studies for delivering on safety, cost effectiveness and environmental impact. Sharpsmart reusable containers have over five years of research invested into design and engineering and are an engineered safety device which eliminates risk of container-related sharps injury. 940,000kg of single-use plastic is eliminated each year with Sharpsmart reusable collectors.

Reusable sharps containers are emptied and sanitised at our facility using industry-leading Washsmart – a fully automated, robotic system used for decanting, washing, sanitising and drying the containers.

Our Washline is a ground-breaking innovation, minimising the need for human intervention in the sanitising process, reducing the risk of disease or injury and achieving a higher sanitisation result than any other container washing method. Washsmart achieves a 6-log bacterial load reduction, which is a 4x higher sanitation than required by the CDC in the United State.

Key features

Regulatory compliant processing
Achieve high-levels of disinfection without environmentally damaging chemicals

Robotic decanting, sanitising and drying
Fully automated system that decants, sanitises, dries and all containers while meeting strict quality standards

Quality control
Wash parameters like temperature time and water volumes are fully automated, measured and recorded, giving complete assurance of sanitisation

Anti-stick coating
A unique coating is applied at every wash so that sticky adhesives, and liquids can be effectively removed.

Industries served
Aged care
Veterinary services
Waste streams
Cotton balls

How we do it

Washsmart follows a sophisticated eight-step robotic cleaning process and meets strict washing requirements. With high water pressure, high temperatures and biodegradable detergent, the washline effectively disinfects the sharps containers.

Collected sharps containers are delivered to the Dandenong South facility where each container is loaded onto a conveyor belt. They are weighed and scanned for proper traceability. The containers are decanted and emptied to expel any infectious medical waste.

High pressure jet streams are injected into the containers to flush out any solid or liquid residue. Containers are then washed with cold and hot water using clean water. To ensure bacteria is completely eliminated, the containers go through two rounds of hot water rinsing at different temperatures.

The containers are dried to remove surface water and the potential for microbial growth. The containers are applied with a coating that stops sticky material like adhesives, bodily fluids and blood from sticking.

Finally the containers go through quality assurance to make sure that they are thoroughly sanitised and ready for reuse in hospitals and clinics.


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