Rutherford Waste Oil Refinery

Waste oil recovery

The Rutherford Waste Oil Refinery is Cleanaway’s first refining facility to achieve Category 1 status under Australia’s Product Stewardship for Oil (PSO) program. It offers waste management equipment and oil collection services to automotive and engineering workshops, as well as mine sites in the central coast. Rutherford is also the first hydrogenation facility that refines used oil into premium grade lubricant base oils.

Cleanaway collects waste oil and waste oil related products from over 35,000 Australian automotive workshops and businesses each year. We also process over 150 million litres of used oil, offsetting the country’s oil requirements by 900,000 barrels.

Cleanaway aims to recover and recycle the maximum amount of waste oil possible to reduce the impact on the environment. Re-refining waste oil is a more cost-effective and environmentally sustainable solution than using new resources to create new base oils.

Key features

The Rutherford facility gives used or contaminated oil a second life as new base oils or other client-specific oils. The Rutherford facility is an EPA-licensed treatment centre that features used oil generators, consolidated storage, safe, compliant, and low-risk operations, and quality processing of premium grade base oils.

Industries served
Commercial and Industrial
Waste streams
Waste oil
Grease waste
Pit sludge

How we do it

Collected waste oil is brought to the facility for inspection and initial testing. It is then hydro-treated and separated from contaminants. The end product is virgin quality re-refined oil which can be sold in Australia or exported overseas.

New oils

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