E-waste Recycling with Cleanaway’s BluBox Technology

True end-of-life recycling solution for e-waste

E-waste is one of the fastest growing waste streams in Australia. Our e-waste recycling service uses BluBox, a state-of-the-art technology to process, separate and recover electronic waste for recycling.

The BluBox is a Swiss designed processing technology packed in a 40ft container. The BluBox is designed for next generation e-waste recycling, breaking down e-waste into its commodities which are then separated and processed individually.

BluBox delivers a true end-of-life solution for your e-waste. End-of-life means nothing is re-used and everything is destroyed during the recycling process. Our processes ensure the e-waste is useless in terms of information retrieval or re-use.

BluBox is able to process e-waste from laptops and tablets to hairdryers and toasters and is capable of recycling more than 300 LCD screens an hour. It will produce saleable commodities through resource recovery, which can be used by local manufacturers to create new products.

Key features

The BluBox technology is:

  • Safe
    Unlike manual dismantling of next generation e-waste such as LCDs and laptops, there is no dangerous emissions or risk of hazardous mercury exposure to humans and the environment. Our BluBox technology breaks down e-waste under negative pressure while safely isolating mercury vapour and fluorescent dust.
  • Automated
    This automated technology is easy and cost-effective to operate.
  • Efficient
    BluBox has the capacity to process 300 LCD screens per hour whereas manual handling might disassemble just two.

BluBox recovers up to 90-95% of e-waste components. This greatly reduces the environmental impact of landfill dumping, sourcing new materials, pollution and contamination.

Cleanaway is the only company in Australia able to safely recycle display units containing mercury through our BluBox recycling plant, based in Melbourne.

The BluBox process extracts mercury from LCD back-lighting tubes through a sophisticated aspiration system to collect the mercury vapour and phosphor contaminated mercury.

Industries served
Commercial properties and facilities
Waste streams
televisions and flat panel displays

How we do it

BluBox uses a dry, mechanical process. E-waste is fed into a shredder and into a rotating mixer. Mercury and rare earth metals are sucked out via a series of filters and collected in closed drums. The remaining clear glass can be used in cement or glass wool industries.

After the shredding process, a magnet removes ferrous caps from glass. An eddy current separates a mix of aluminium, copper, plastics and other materials. A rotary sieve then sorts the material into different sizes.

The e-waste is broken down by negative pressure while safely extracting mercury vapour and fluorescent dust.

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