Prized Infrastructure and Technology for the Future

Investing in Australia’s future

Cleanaway’s Footprint 2025 strategy is a roadmap to ensure that Australia has the right infrastructure in place to support increased resource recovery as the Australian population and their waste needs continue to grow. Innovative technology and partnerships with industry are critical in providing communities and customers with the services they need. Our fully-licensed facilities feature unique, state-of-the-art technology delivering an impressive scale and quality of resource recovery capability. Several of our facilities are licensed for treatment and disposal methods that are only entrusted to expert operators. Strategically positioned across Australia, our prized assets are supported by a network of over 6,000 people and more than 5,300 fit-for-purpose vehicles. Our capabilities include:

  • Perth MRF – the most advanced commingled waste sorting facility in the Southern Hemisphere where optical sorters separate eight different recyclable materials on the sorting line. Update: Perth MRF is no longer operational due to a recent fire that caused extensive damage to the facility. While we are deeply saddened by the incident, we are committed to rebuilding the MRF as soon as possible and restoring our state-of-the art sorting and processing service to the region.
  • Cleanaway ResourceCo Resource Recovery Facility – turning dry and hard Commercial and Industrial (C&I) and accepted Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste into Processed Engineered Fuel (PEF) to be used as a substitute for coal in cement kilns
  • Earthpower – processing bulk organic waste and turning it into nutrients for soil and agriculture
  • Daniels Washline – innovative medical waste robotic washline delivering around 1.2 million reusable sharps containers a year while diverting almost 3,500 tonnes of plastic waste from landfill annually
  • Narangba Hazardous Liquid Waste – highly-engineered liquids and hard to manage waste treatment facility capable of processing a large variety of liquid waste streams, from industrial wastewaters to hydrocarbon impacted brine and toxic chemicals
  • Rutherford and Wetherill Park oil re-refineries – Category 1 Product Stewardship for Oil waste oil recycling and re-refining facilities offsetting Australia’s crude oil requirements by up to 900,000 barrels annually
  • Melbourne Regional Landfill – Turning landfill gas into electricity to power more than 28,700 homes in Melbourne

Western Sydney Energy & Resource Recovery Centre

Cleanaway has announced a proposal to bring an energy-from-waste facility to Western Sydney. The proposed Energy & Resource Recovery Centre would use cutting-edge technology to turn red-bin waste into sustainable energy, while reducing landfill and net carbon emissions. Find out more here: