Sustainable Future Video Hub

2020-11-20 Partnerships

Journey of a plastic bottle

A sustainable recycling system is when items are recycled then reused in the manufacturing process in place of raw materials. ...

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2020-05-19 Industry Updates

Eastern Creek Container Sorting Facility for Return and Earn

n April 2020, the NSW container deposit scheme, Return and Earn, processed 3.5 billion containers since commencing collections in December 2017. In celebration ...

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2020-03-17 Communities

What's your Clean Up for 2020?

Just starting out on your sustainability journey? Or are you a seasoned eco-champ looking to take your Clean Up to ...

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2020-03-17 Communities

Cleanaway at The Wave 2019

Cleanaway are proud sponsors of the EcoMarines program. Tangalooma EcoMarines is a not-for-profit organisation based in Brisbane. Their award-winning school ...

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2020-03-16 Communities

Clean Up Australia 2019

What change will you make to Clean Up Australia?

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2020-03-10 Communities

National Tree Day

Cleanaway and Melbourne United visited Westall Primary School to plant 133 trees for National Tree Day.

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2020-03-10 Industry Updates

The making of Cleanaview: Real-time data for councils

Cleanaway engaged Conduct to implement the Rapid Design Validation (RDV) Lab, which set the scope for the design, build, and ...

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2020-03-10 Communities

Business as usual with Cleanaway on the Central Coast

Cleanaway has arrived on the Central Coast to deliver waste and recycling services until 2028. Find out what you can expect ...

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