Waste Education School Programs

Sustainable waste education from pre-school to college and TAFE’s

Our comprehensive waste education school programs complement national and state syllabuses while incorporating local council requirements. We work together with teachers, educational institutions and local councils to deliver interactive and engaging sustainability education sessions to students of all ages and schools.


Inspire your students and encourage them to become active, informed and sustainability-minded citizens with the Waste Warriors webinar. Join us as we discuss solutions from all levels of the waste hierarchy and authentic, easy, and effective ways to care for and look after our environment.


Waste Warriors Webinar

Our future focused Webinar Program engages students virtually on waste and sustainability issues. Each live 30 minute session includes interactive activities, videos, polls, Q&As and quizzes. Students will learn more about their council waste services and the different ways waste is managed sustainably. Every session is tailored to ensure it is curriculum aligned to Australian and state-specific syllabi and local council waste guidelines.

Currently, the Waste Warriors Webinar program is geared towards primary school students, with a focus on developing a student’s:

  • understanding of the ways social, economic, and environmental systems interact to support and maintain human life
  • ability to appreciate and respect the diversity of views and values that influence sustainable development
  • capacity for thinking critically and acting creatively in determining more sustainable ways of living

Future sessions for secondary school students and preschool are being developed. To learn more or sign up for a Waste Warrior Webinar, click the button below.

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Meet the Waste Education Officer delivering the Waste Warriors Webinar:

Charlotte Landini, Education Officer

Charlotte is a recent classroom teacher with a strong passion for all things sustainability and environmental management. With a Master of Teaching (Secondary) and a Bachelor of Natural Science, she believes educating people and our younger generation about these issues is of key importance. Charlotte has taught Environmental Education to both primary and high school students, focussing on topics centred around earth, environmental, and biological sciences.


Waste education sessions for educational institutions

Cleanaway also offers face-to-face waste education sessions for preschool, primary school, secondary school, university and TAFEs in select locations, when deemed safe and permitted by local and state health guidelines. All our programs are carefully curated to strengthen knowledge and practice of local council waste management guidelines, support state education syllabus and engage students.

Preschools and primary schools
Young children are naturally curious. They love learning about how stuff works and get a real buzz out of being helpful. Our preschool and primary school programs actively encourage a child’s curiosity and encourage them to participate in household and school waste and recycling efforts. We also show them not only how to make the right choices when it comes to waste, but how to prevent waste in the first place.

Secondary schools
To engage older students, we help them deepen their understanding of the finite nature of our planet’s resources and the huge role sustainability plays. Our program shows how items are made, demystify the resource recovery process and recycling, explore bin contamination issues, and most importantly, help them draw a straight line from their efforts today to a sustainable tomorrow.

Equipping enquiring minds with the knowledge and understanding of good waste management practices helps them help us make a sustainable future possible.


Waste education enquiries

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