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2021-04-23 Learning

Introducing Greenius - taking the confusion out of recycling

Greenius is a free, online learning platform busting myths and addressing recycling challenges to help all Australians get it right. ...

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2021-02-22 Learning

Is a circular economy for plastics possible?

To build an effective domestic circular economy for plastics, Australia needs to invest in the value chain with support from ...

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2021-01-07 Our Services

Cleanaway Equipment Services: Hot tanks

Our total workshop solutions feature cost-saving automated parts washers, hot tanks, solvent sinks and a tailored waste and recycling service ...

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2021-01-07 Learning

How do you dispose of used batteries safely?

Batteries in the kerbside bin can lead to major fires in garbage trucks and recycling centres. Find an e-waste drop ...

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2020-11-20 Communities

Victorian Commingled Resource Recovery

Ever wondered what happens to your recycling? Follow the journey of a kerbside bin to our Material Recovery Facility in ...

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2020-11-06 Our Services

Greenius - Waste and recycling e-learning platform

Greenius is Cleanaway’s fully customisable and easy-to-use online learning platform designed to help businesses make the most of their ...

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2020-10-16 Our Services

New food depackaging plant in Willawong

Our food depackaging technology takes packaged foods and liquids such as baked goods, biscuits and chips and separates the contents ...

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2020-10-09 Our Services

Bin tagging programs for better recycling

You may have seen your local waste education officer taking a quick look inside the bin that you've put out ...

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