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2021-09-03 Communities

Fire caused by lithium-ion batteries

It only takes a single spark to start a fire. Never dispose your lithium-ion or any other batteries in your ...

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2021-08-27 Partnerships

Circular Economy for a Sustainable Future

Cleanaway COO Brendan Gill and Clean Up Australia Chairman Pip Kiernan talk about investing in a circular economy for a ...

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2021-07-23 Learning

One spark is all it takes

One spark from an old battery is all it takes to send a rubbish truck or an entire facility up ...

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2021-06-25 Our People

Recycling and fundraising with Ma Vilma

Watch how recycled drink containers in Australia are feeding vulnerable communities in the Philippines thanks to Administration Officer Ma Vilma’...

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2021-05-21 Communities

How does Greenius work?

Greenius brings recycling learning to life through a variety of engaging formats including games, videos and quizzes. Visit

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2021-04-23 Learning

Introducing Greenius - taking the confusion out of recycling

Greenius is a free, online learning platform busting myths and addressing recycling challenges to help all Australians get it right. ...

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2021-02-22 Learning

Is a circular economy for plastics possible?

To build an effective domestic circular economy for plastics, Australia needs to invest in the value chain with support from ...

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2021-01-15 Learning

Keep batteries out of kerbside bins

It may look innocent enough but used batteries and other e-waste can cause major fires when disposed of in the ...

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