Parts Washers/Hot Tanks

Cleanaway’s parts washer equipment services offers hassle-free and professional cleaning service for equipment parts.

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Parts washer equipment services

We offer a quality range of part washers (sinks, turbo washers and hot tanks) and wash water management for mechanical workshops of all sizes. Our parts cleaning machines offer a full suite of services, including installation, parts cleaner maintenance, industrial wash water removal and onsite staff training and risk assessment.

Key features include:

  • Heavy gauge industrial steel construction
  • Low profile cabinet for ease of loading
  • Gear driven heavy gauge turntable
  • Ergonomic control panel
  • Waterproof electrical control box
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Electronic thermostat temperature control
  • Optional 10 micron in-line filter system
  • Variable wash cycle timer
  • Seven-day timer for heater elements
  • Fully mobile models for small to mid-sized equipment (models TW 2 and TW3)
  • Pneumatic lid lift option for models TW 3 to TW 8
  • Front opening cabinet for loading with overhead cranes or forklifts (models TW 5 to TW 8)

Cleanaway’s parts cleaner machines are fully automated, increasing productivity while reducing manual handling risks and labour costs. We also include a full parts washer service, maintenance cleaning and waste product removal, ensuring a hassle free, safe and cost-effective solution.

Hot tank parts cleaner

Cleanaway’s new generation hot tank chemical cleaning systems have a centrifugal filter and optional rinse bay to help you save time, money and reduce impact on the environment. Our range of agitating hot tanks starts from 200 litres, ideal for cleaning small components, up to tanks with a 22,000 litre capacity for cleaning locomotive and marine engine components, rail wagon bearings and axle boxes.

Chemical cleaning in an agitated tank is a proven and effective method for removing heavy build up of grease, oil and carbon from internal and external surfaces.

Using our hot tank parts cleaner provides the following solutions:

  • Fast and simple, one-step cleaning method with no need to pre-clean parts
  • Reduces cleaning cycles to between 60 and 120 minutes
  • Automatic operation frees staff to work on other tasks
  • Extends chemical life and reduces chemical top up by up to 75%
  • Waste from centrifugal filter can be disposed of in an industrial waste bin
  • Heavy duty, fully insulated construction
  • Absence of a sludge settlement area reduces tank volume by 30%, which also reduces the initial chemical fill by 30%
  • Average centrifugal filter cleaning time of 15 minutes per week
  • Optional rinse bay attaches to the tank to reduce spillage

Cleanaway’s hot tanks are the perfect solution for cleaning hard to reach areas such as oil galleries and exhaust ports.

Parts washer service and maintenance

Cleanaway’s inclusions for this service include:

  • Installation and machine set up
  • Full parts washer service, maintenance, cleaning and waste product removal by Cleanaway
    service representatives
  • On site staff training and risk assessment
  • Supply of specially formulated cleaning powder and removal of used wash water
  • Machines are available for sale or rent on a standard service and maintenance plan

Parts washer equipment services in action

Dirty equipment is easily loaded into and cleaned with parts washers and hot tanks. The tanks are able to carry heavy loads and clean greasy and grimy mechanical parts.

Installation and set up
On-site cleaning
Waste removal

Key customers

Automotive industry

Automotive workshops and manufacturers deal with greasy and oily mechanical parts. Having a parts washer or hot tank onsite allow for efficient cleaning.


Manufacturing companies need to optimise their mechanical equipment. Cleanaway’s parts washer equipment services will help save time and resources. 

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Customised to your needs

Our high pressure water blasting tools effectively clean parts.

Makes cleaning easy

Our high pressure water blasting tools effectively clean parts.

Maximised resource recovery

We collect your wastewater, remove contaminants and recover it for reuse.

Total waste management solutions

We provide a suite of equipment services and solutions that can help improve the efficiency and quality of site operations.

More solutions for Equipment Cleaning Services

Our specialised industrial equipment services provide your business with high quality wash water management at competitive prices.
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