What is ANFO?


Fuel oil refinery


Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil (ANFO) is a blasting agent that consists of porous prilled ammonium nitrate and fuel oil. When combined with oxygen, it is one of the safest and most affordable blasting chemicals available in the coal mining, quarrying, metal mining, and civil construction industries.


An ammonium nitrate fuel oil mixture is usually created by combining solid ammonium nitrate porous prills with diesel fuel. In some cases, emulsion blends are used in various chemical applications and differ from ANFO in the physical form the reactants take. ANFO mixtures appear as beige, gray, yellow or pink oil-covered prills that smell of petroleum, which accelerates the burning of combustible materials. Extra care is taken to keep ANFO away from fire or risk unplanned explosions.


At Cleanaway, we recycle and re-refine your waste oil to be used as fuel oil to substitute diesel in your ANFO.


ANFO key benefits

  • Loads easily and completely fills blastholes while optimising energy delivery
  • High reliability and productivity for blast performance
  • Fairly insensitive to accidental initiation by shock, friction or mechanical impact


ANFO mixture and preparation

Dedicated ANFO trucks first mix the ammonium nitrate and fuel oil components before it is augured into boreholes. ANFO emulsion is commonly used as a column charge in mining for general blasting work, and is the preferred cost-effective blasting agent due to its flexibility in small, medium or large diameter applications.


  • Open cut mining: Also known as open-pit mining, open cut mining is performed on the surface. This method requires rock or minerals to be extracted from the earth via an open pit.
  • Underground mining: Pneumatically loaded ANFO is popularly used in underground mining and tunneling applications.

Cost-effective fuel oils for your ANFO needs


ANFO blasting


When it comes to blasting oil, particularly in ammonium nitrate emulsions, the quality of your oil matters. Switching to recycled waste oils such as the Cleanaway Fuel Oil 100 and Cleanaway Fuel Oil D15 can offer you cost savings of up to 35% for the fuel oil in your ANFO mixtures compared to using virgin fuel oils such as diesel.


Additionally, switching to recycled waste oil processed or re-refined by Cleanaway’s offsite processing facilities ensures that your fuel oils will always meet the agreed requirements without the quality and processing risks which can be associated with in-site processing.


Cleanaway fuel oil products


Our ammonium nitrate bulk fuel oils are not only great substitutes for virgin fuel oil but can also be blended and mixed according to your specific ammonium nitrate detonation needs.


  • Cleanaway Fuel Oil 100
    A cost-effective substitute for diesel, IFO 180 and natural gas in ANFO.
  • Cleanaway Fuel Oil D15
    A pre-blended mix that displaces low viscosity, high purity virgin fuels such as diesel.


Why use Cleanaway fuel oil in your ANFO mixture


ANFO fuel


Cleanaway uses a more environmentally-friendly and lower cost fuel oil solution by utilising recycled Lubricating Oil (ULO), blended with diesel to each customer’s specifications. Unlike other vendors, Cleanaway avoids on-site waste oil processing, as it may cause issues around feedstock availability and waste disposal processes, costs and quality assurance.


Our off-site closed loop waste oil services ensure that your waste oil is collected on time and without issue. Subsequently, a fuel oil guaranteed to meet the agreed specification is then delivered to your site – a bespoke solution tailored specifically to your needs. Additionally, we can also provide onsite storage, blending and MMU loading infrastructure that meets all relevant standards for your use.


Why choose Cleanaway oil recycling and re-refining service

Cleanaway provides a simple, no-risk recycled and re-refined oil solution to optimise your used oil as part of your ANFO solution. Benefits include:


  • Used oil is processed off-site, leaving you zero residual waste to manage
  • Cleanaway re-refined oil is 100% compliant with international industry standards
  • Enjoy consistent quality and energy for optimised performance minus undesirable contaminants
  • Any fluctuations in making ANFO requirements can easily be met, thanks to our vast waste oil collection network
  • Our ANFO for sale pricing is competitive, ensuring total cost-effectiveness
  • We leverage on our strategically-placed collection, storage and processing facilities to give you unmatched capability and capacity, regardless of your waste oil needs
  • Each vehicle in Cleanaway’s specialist fleet operates under strict licensing standards, compliant with state and environmental regulations, allowing you greater peace of mind
  • We are licensed by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) and our service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Contact us to learn more about our fuel oil solutions for your ANFO needs.