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Colleen Watson – finding recycling opportunities for healthcare waste

Resource Recovery Officer Colleen Watson speaks about extending the life of hospital plastics ahead of her presentation at the Waste 2021 ...
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Reusing kerbside glass: sustainability in action

Cleanaway’s Engineering team has been researching new ways to beneficially reuse glass from kerbside recycling particularly in construction projects ...
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Clean Up Australia

Cleanaway, Clean Up Australia partnership extended to 2024

Cleanaway has extended our partnership with Clean Up Australia for three years, a reflection of our joint commitment to encourage ...
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Soft plastics in the recycling bin - what’s the problem?

Many Australians are aware of contamination in recycling but apathy is still barrier to better recycling outcomes
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Circular economy

Cleanaway receives state and federal funds to enable circular economies

Cleanaway CEO Vik Bansal welcomes Government funding to make closed loop recycling possible for glass and plastic food packaging in ...
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Our services

Celebrating a year of resource recovery in Southern Tasmania

Cleanaway’s Derwent Park Material Recovery Facility has seen major improvements to safety and resource recovery in the 12 months since ...
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The one place for making a sustainable future possible

Discover the one place for sustainability, recycling and waste management resources, downloads, videos, events and more.
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Waste audits

Multi-stream recycling leads to 11% increase in diversion in 9 months

Find out how we helped a national retailer with complex warehousing operations improve their recycling rates through waste assessments and ...
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