Community & Education

In the Community

Conversations are a two-way street. So as much as we like to talk about waste and recycling, we listen to our community about their ideas and concerns too. Great neighbours help build great communities. We’re dedicated to building strong, trusted relationships with everyone who lives and works around us, to ensure we achieve our aim of no adverse impact from our facilities onto communities.


We help to achieve this by:

  • keeping a number of communications channels open.
  • having dedicated Stakeholder & Community Relations staff for you to call.
  • keeping the community informed about our operations
  • establishing more formal consultation channels like our Community Reference Groups whenever there are specific areas of concern to be addressed by multiple stakeholders.


This section provides free-flowing, transparent information, which is continually updated, to ensure you can stay across everything that’s going on in our world. We also have regular, structured forums where we invite community consultation from anyone with comments or concerns about current or future projects.