Erskine Park Community Information, NSW

Erskine Park Community Information, NSW

Status: Operational

This site started life as a quarry in the 1920s and subsequently became a landfill site in 1994. We took ownership of the landfill operations in 2007 and have since begun a process of continual improvement to ensure the site meets the standards that we expect of our facilities. The landfill is scheduled to close in 2020. At this time, we will commence rehabilitation works on the site in accordance with its approved conditions. With a number of landfills in the area closing, a new, practical solution to managing waste in Sydney’s western suburbs is required. Cleanaway is proposing to build a Resource Management Facility adjacent to the existing landfill site. The site will be developed in two stages: the first being a Waste Transfer Station and the second being a Resource Recovery Facility. A Waste Transfer Station is used to temporarily hold waste delivered onsite by waste collection vehicles. Waste is consolidated and loaded into larger vehicles and transported offsite to a licenced landfill or Resource Recovery Facility. A Resource Recovery Facility separates various fractions of recyclable material from an unsorted waste stream, and directs the separated resource streams to dedicated facilities where they are further processed into products for beneficial reuse. To view general information about the site, please click here.

Environmental Impact Statement

Our first and foremost consideration is the safety of the people, communities and environments in which we operate. We are committed to working with our neighbours to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved for all. An Environmental Impact Assessment of the key environmental issues identified by the Department of Planning has been undertaken and has been reported through a publicly available Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for Stage 1 of the project, being the Transfer Station. The Stage 1 EIS was on Exhibition from November to December 2015. You can download a copy of the Stage 1 EIS from the DP&E website at the following link: Erskine Park Resource Management Facility – Stage 1 EIS. We have been keeping the community well informed about the proposed improvements to the Erskine Park site for some time and continue to do so. If you have any questions or are interested to learn more about any aspect of our proposed operation, you can email or call our community information line on 13 13 39.

Community briefing sessions

We have held three community briefing sessions to date. The below information was presented to local businesses and the local community at our briefing session on October 12, 2015 You can also click here to see how we’ve listened to – and acted on – the community’s concerns. The NSW Planning and Assessment Commission granted Development Approval for Stage 1 of the project, including the Concept Proposal for the proposed Resource Management Facility, in October 2016. You can read the assessment report and conditions of approval here. A second EIS for the Stage 2 Resource Recovery Facility is in development and will be lodged with the Department of Planning at a later date.