Extending Cleanaway’s commitment to re-refining waste oil products to make a sustainable future possible

Resource Recovery

May 11, 2017


Cleanaway’s Wetherill Park waste oil refining facility has achieved Category 1 status under Australia’s Product Stewardship for Oil (PSO) program.  This achievement marks another major milestone for Cleanaway, further demonstrating our significant commitment to resource recovery, and in particular the used oil market.

Category 1 processing, as defined under the PSO, generates the highest quality re-refined oil products, resulting in a non-carcinogenic re-refined base-oil which can be used as engine lubricant, transformer or hydraulic oil.  In achieving Category 1 status, the facility must also comply with health, safety and environmental standards consistent with those which apply to facilities processing similar virgin products.

Oil Refinery Whiterill Park

Vik Bansal, CEO and Managing Director of Cleanaway said “achieving PSO Category 1 status is a very positive step, strengthening our leadership position in the processing of used oil to the highest standards.”

“At Cleanaway, we’re able to use our national footprint to simplify the collection and processing of used oil.  This allows us to optimise the volume of high quality re-refined oils returned to the market, reducing the requirements for virgin products – which in turn lowers the environmental impact.”

Cleanaway collected ~130 million litres of waste oil from which almost 100 million litres of re-refined base and fuel oils were manufactured for sale in FY16.  Re-refining of waste oil has a significant positive impact on the environment – creating valuable and high quality products from waste, as well as reducing the carbon footprint associated with the collection, transport and refining of crude oil to create virgin oil products.

connecting pipes inside Oil Refinery Whiterill Park

The addition of PSO Category 1 status for Wetherill Park creates further capacity for re-refining, joining our Rutherford Refinery as the second Cleanaway operation to meet this standard.  Cleanaway’s Rutherford Refinery is currently the only facility in Australia which consistently produces base oils which meet API Group II requirements.  These high quality products are proudly sold to a variety of domestic and international clients.

This continued investment into sustainable resource recovery for waste oil aligns with Cleanaway’s Footprint 2025, a strategy formulated to increase the level of recycled products recovered from the numerous and different waste streams collected.

“Achieving PSO Category 1 status is the result of the exceptional efforts of our our site management and engineering teams at Wetherill Park.  The requirements are exacting, and demand substantial investment now and into the future.”

“This is a significant achievement and will allow us to supply more high quality products back into the oil market.  We will now focus on our Narangba site in Queensland where we also aim to achieve PSO Category 1 status, maximising our flexibility and capacity,” said Blake Senior, National Hydrocarbons Manager.

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