Cleanaway’s ‘Innovate’ Reconciliation Action Plan (2018-2020)


May 28, 2019


We’re proud to announce that following the completion of our ‘Reflect’ Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), Reconciliation Australia have endorsed the next stage in our journey, our ‘Innovate’ RAP. Our ‘Reflect’ RAP was our introduction to reconciliation and through that process we have built stronger relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to increase respect, understanding and meaningful collaboration. We will continue this into our second RAP.

One of the key outcomes from our ‘Reflect’ RAP was learning what does and doesn’t work for Cleanaway to ensure we’re effective in the engagement process. As part of the ‘Innovate’ RAP we’re identifying activities that are the best fit for our business, making them more achievable and enduring.

Cleanaway Executive GM HR, Johanna Birgersson gave an insight into our approach, “For Cleanaway, reconciliation is about creating a level playing field for all employees while working with communities in a way that enables economic independence, whilst caring for country.

“We have built the foundations by educating our staff about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and heritage as a proud part of a shared national identity. We know that diversity makes us stronger as a business and we’ll continue to nurture a more culturally diverse community of employees, partners, customers and suppliers.”

It is an exciting time to move to this next stage in reconciliation as we continue to integrate the progressive work of Toxfree. Toxfree was committed to closing the gap between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in the communities where we work and similarly had worked through a RAP. They have made great progress in local communities working with customers who care and expect the same.

Cleanaway CEO and Managing Director, Vik Bansal, explained, “we remain committed to reinforcing and extending our partnerships with Traditional Owner groups, through joint ventures focused on a common goal of providing sustainable opportunities for local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.”

Reconciliation Australia have provided support and guided us through the framework to develop measurable targets and activities that ensure we have a clear pathway to be successful. In her endorsement of our ‘Innovate’ RAP, Karen Mundine said, “We wish Cleanaway well as it embeds and expands its own unique approach to reconciliation. We encourage Cleanaway to embrace this journey with open hearts and minds, to grow from the challenges, and to build on its successes.”

Our commitment to closing the gap for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples is one of the ways we’re delivering on our mission to make a sustainable future possible. We’re excited to be launching our ‘Innovate’ RAP to our customers, stakeholders and the wider community, and we look forward to communicating about key milestones along the journey.

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