Our Values

Our values define how we behave

For over 30 years we have been a key player in maximising the value of waste management with new, innovative ideas from our people. We are a values-driven organisation and actively seek people who share our values and aspire to deliver results through living our values day in and day out. Our people make a difference to our success whether they are entry level, people managers or in a hands-on role, they are driven by achieving value-based outcomes.


   Home Safe 

We take responsibility for our personal safety, as well as that of our team. We are committed to Goal Zero, because everyone deserves to go Home Safe, every day.

   Stronger Together 

Building from a place of strength, we are focused on creating something stronger than the sum of our parts each and every day.


We do the right thing – no matter what. Holding ourselves to higher standards, we say what we mean, and we do what we say.

   We Make A Difference

We are proud of what we do to make a sustainable future possible – for our employees, our customers, our investors, the communities where we work, and the planet.


Our Cleanaway Way is our strategy to achieve our mission and vision. The toolkits that form our Cleanaway Way represents the business we are today, and the business we are working hard to become as we strive to make a sustainable future possible.