Education resources for a sustainable future

Waste management is simple, right? Put the right things in the right bin, make every effort to reduce waste and minimise the impact of your actions on the environment. But think about a group of hundreds or thousands of people in an organisation. Scale that up to a population of 25 million Australians, over vastly differing geographical landscapes and inconsistent means to access information. How do we ensure that everyone takes the right action for sustainability in their communities, workplace and industry?

Consider also ever-evolving waste materials and processing capabilities. Today, we have different bins for different waste streams and tailored waste management solutions for complex waste types produced by businesses and industry.

At every point where waste is generated – at home, at work and in the wider community – we now have an incredible opportunity to make an informed decision about where we put our waste and how to maximise its value for recovery.

Because true action for sustainability can only happen when people have the correct understanding and awareness in the first place, we believe that access to education resources that promote that knowledge is key.  


Are you future-ready?

This is where Cleanaway can add huge value for industries, businesses, schools and the wider community. Beyond collection and disposal, our expertise from over 50 years of serving Australia’s communities and industry and over 6,000 employees can help you understand how your activities affect sustainability goals, optimise your efforts for resource recovery and ensure compliance throughout your organisation and communities. To make a meaningful impact, our education offerings are designed to meet the needs of all our stakeholders – individuals, industry and communities. Because learning is not confined to the classroom but takes place throughout life and in a range of situations, our educational resources are designed to influence positive behaviour at every stage of life and the target the key points where decisions about waste are made.


Education resources for all

Sustainable Future Hub

Our Sustainable Future Hub is home to all the latest resources on sustainability and is available to everyone. Expect daily updates on a wide variety of sustainability topics including industry news and developments, how-to guides, educational videos, calendar of sustainability events and more. The Hub is linked to our social media channels so that even the most casual observer can benefit from learning something new about sustainability. 

Bin signage

Our bin stickers incorporate industry best practice educational features, including national colour standards, a mixture of words and illustrations, as well as ticks and crosses to clearly show what CAN and more importantly, what CAN’T go in each bin. Utilising the same design as the bin stickers, our bin posters provide another visual reference point to show users how to correctly use each bin, while also identifying individual bin and bin station locations. Once a bin has been audited, a bin tag is applied to provide a strong visual reinforcement of positive recycling behaviours and to highlight where contamination is occurring.


Education resources for business


Greenius is Cleanaway’s fully customisable and easy-to-use online learning platform designed to help customers make the most of our services. Our industry-leading online learning system is a set of tailored learning modules that reinforces proper behaviour at the bin and aligns everyone in your organisation with your sustainability goals. Whether its reducing contamination, increasing resource recovery or simply inspiring a passion for sustainability, Greenius will equip your employees with the tools they need to make the right choices about waste. 


Workshops, education programs, waste health checks and audits

Businesses need to understand the types of waste they generate, the ways to optimise that waste for recovery and how to ensure compliance throughout operations. We partner with our customers with an end-to-end approach to waste management that aims to implement best practices across the organisation. We provide customised resources for our customers through:

  • Waste assessment and audit program delivery
  • Waste audit reports and recommendation for improved resource recovery
  • Statistical analysis of waste data to guide future education programs and improved service delivery
  • Waste Management Plan development
  • Reinforce positive practices with regular audits, reporting, waste management education and training sessions


Education resources for communities

We’re proud to have played and continue to play a big part in teaching better recycling habits to communities across Australia through our support of local sustainability events, awareness campaigns like Clean Up Australia Day and raising funds for local, regional and national charities.

Our community outreach programs include:

  • Community workshops
  • Site excursions (location dependent)
  • Cultural and Linguistically Diverse Communities (CALD) education programs
  • Waste and recycling service guides
  • Community engagement competitions
  • Contamination management strategy development and delivery
  • Multi Unit Dwelling (MUD) education and resource recovery programs


Education resources for schools

The earlier we learn about the importance of recycling and sustainability, the more it affects our future actions. Our award-winning programs engage students of all ages and help bring the sustainability story to life. By showing kids the difference they can make as individuals and as a group, they actively learn how to help make a sustainable future possible. It’s also important to know what you can recycle in your area, by contacting your local council. Across Australia, Cleanaway operates a schools incursion program where our staff come to you to teach your students about waste management. We also operate tours at a number of our facilities.