Auburn Resource Recovery Centre

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Solid waste services

Auburn Resource Recovery Centre

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Solid waste services

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Open to: Open to all including Hand unload and cardboard and metals
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Monday to Friday: 00:00 - 23:59
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Cleanaway Auburn Resource Recovery Centre

Cleanaway Auburn is a disposal site that accepts a large range of solid waste items. We provide free recycling for paper, cardboard, steel and aluminium cans, scrap metals, sump oil, white goods and vehicle batteries.

Charges may apply for other waste types, including for wet and mixed material, garden organic waste, separated bricks, concrete, roof tiles and terracotta pipes, untreated timber and expanded plastics.

We do not accept asbestos, SMF, dusty loads, car bodies, liquid and hazardous wastes, pesticides, excluded chemicals, radioactive waste and loads comprising more than 50% of expanded plastic by volume.

Cleanaway Auburn accepts the following waste types (note that charges may apply).



Vehicle batteries

Sump oil (up to 20 litres)


White goods

Steel and aluminium cans

Load type > 500kg < 500kg
Wet/mixed materials
$426 per tonne $456 per tonne
Garden organics
$426 per tonne $456 per tonne
Palm trees and fronds
$426 per tonne $456 per tonne
Dry material
$400 per tonne $420 per tonne
Untreated timber
$400 per tonne $420 per tonne
Separated bricks, concrete, roof tiles and terracotta pipes
$426 per tonne $456 per tonne
Expanded plastics > 25% by volume
$1,850 per tonne

A minimum charge of $78 applies for garden organics and wet and dry material.


$78.00 charge per mattress, with ensembles charged as two mattresses. Limit is one ensemble or two mattresses.

Household paint

Charge is $6.00 per litre of container capacity with minimum charge of $9.00. Charges relate to total container capacity, not amount of paint contained.

Gas cyclinders

$2.90 per 1kg of total container capacity. Only two cylinders accepted per day per customer.