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Local councils will enjoy

  • Visibility  See waste services operating in near real time
  • Accessibility Access information for residents right away
  • Solutions Solve issues that arise in a single call
  • Value Use big data to deliver long term value


Complete integration

Manage resident waste queries, solve issues and optimise services all from one screen

24 hour access

Track collection services around the clock from start to finish across the LGA

Quicker resolution

Manage resident waste enquiries in a single call, review open tickets resolution, understand resident alerts and waste history.

Improve services

Gain deeper insights and improve services from scheduled and ad-hoc reporting.



Cleanaview makes it easier for councils to provide higher levels of service


Solve complaints

Cleanaview offers near real-time information and truck visibility, helping councils solve queries and complaints quickly and effectively.

Manage service requests

Operators can manage new service requests as they come through, removing the need for paper-based tracking systems and job orders.

Gain customer insights

Cleanaview gives councils access to a granularity of data previously unseen. The bin alert capture system offers insights that can improve service quality for councils and residents.

Efficiency through clean data

Data is recorded in real time and gives councils visibility of service events such as missed pickups, broken bins, and contamination to resolve issues faster.

Cleanaview-enabled trucks use automatic and manual capture methods:

  • All vehicles tracked by GPS
  • In-cabin tablets for service and event capture
  • Vehicle monitoring via on-board cameras
  • Bin identification via RFID chips (optional)


Reporting made easy

Once data is gathered by the Cleanaview platform, it can be customised and utilised in several ways

Standard reports

Cleanaview can generate predefined reports to deliver different sets of information. These reports can be scheduled to be delivered at a time of your choosing.


Report builder

This drag-and-drop tool creates customised reports for your needs. You can also specify a timeline and then add performance and benchmark metrics as required.


Integrated data feed

Our data feed can be integrated into existing council systems. This feed is available via API for near real-time access.



Real-time data for real-time action

Watch how Cleanaview offers customers and councils real time data to resolve issues quickly and effectively.



Award-winning design

Our market-leading portal was developed in collaboration with human-centric design experts, Conduct, who used Rapid Design & Validation to deliver an easy-to-use customer portal centred around the human experience.

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Testimonials – NOOSA council

“Cleanaview gave us a level of insight and understanding of our waste services that was previously unavailable. Being able to see the vehicles and real-time, review alerts, and tickets as they are happening and receive daily reporting from the previous day has allowed us to provide a level of support for residents that was previously impossible.” – Ian Florence, Waste Coordinator, Noosa Council