Statement regarding Comcare

September 25, 2020

Tags: CWY

Relating to the Australian Financial Review article titled ‘Comcare to probe actions at Cleanaway’. In response to this article Cleanaway would like to provide some clarification.

Cleanaway is co-operating with Comcare in relation to a range of matters. This is normal as part of our day to day engagement with Comcare.

Cleanaway believes it has a constructive relationship with Comcare. We communicate regularly and seek the guidance of Comcare to ensure we are always achieving the highest standards of safety. We are supportive of Comcare’s important role in ensuring safe and healthy workplaces across industry.

There is no requirement to disclose any of our current engagements with Comcare.

Cleanaway is committed to pursuing a total recordable incident frequency rate of zero as part of our ‘Zero Harm’ goal. ‘Home Safe’ is a core value of Cleanaway and we believe that everyone deserves to go home safe, every day – including our employees, contractors, customers and members of the community.

For further information please contact:

Mark Biddulph
Head of Corporate Affairs
Telephone: +61 499 332 601

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