When recovering waste paint makes sense


September 12, 2017


Around 5 million litres of paint end up in the landfill as hazardous waste annually. This is truly a waste, as paint and its containers can be recycled. That’s why we’ve joined forces with Paintback to make a sustainable future possible by recovering waste paint and turning it into a resource.

Paintback is an industry-led initiative to collect waste paint. To recover this waste paint, we’ve worked together with Paintback to establish collection points all over the country.

It started with 12 collection points in selected depots across the country, allowing Paintback to offer a waste paint collection service from day one. Over the next few years, Paintback aims to establish permanent collection points all over Australia, covering 85% of the population. In areas where a permanent collection is not possible, mobile collection events will be held.

Since that first day, we’ve helped Paintback divert circa 1.3 million kilograms of waste paint from the landfill. As of May 2017, Cleanaway services almost all 50 Paintback collection sites across metropolitan and regional Australia, covering 60% of the population. Up to 100 litres of paint in a maximum of 5 twenty litre cans are accepted each time.

The waste paint and containers collected from the Paintback sites provide a range of resources. The metal and plastic containers will be recycled into new packaging materials. The metal and plastic containers are recycled into new packaging materials. Water-based paint is processed and its by-products used in a variety of applications, such as cement mixers, compost or as industrial water. Solvent-based paint is used as an alternative fuel source.

Paintback collection sites will accept deck coatings, floor paint, interior and exterior architectural paint, primers, sealers, stains and shellacs, undercoats, wood coatings, single component varnishes and urethanes and relevant packaging.

Contact us today to find out how to recycle your waste paint.