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Complex clean ups, hazardous materials and expert solutions in specialised fields

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May 18, 2022


Complex clean ups, hazardous materials and expert solutions in specialised fields

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Complex clean ups, hazardous materials and expert solutions in specialised fields

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to waste management. Beyond bin collections and resource recovery, our teams regularly deal with complex clean ups, hazardous materials and provide expert solutions across a variety of industries. Take the road less travelled into the world of waste management.

1) High hazard crude oil tank clean

Our SA and NT Industrial & Waste Services team recently completed a complex tank clean in remote Western NT. The expert crew successfully desludged the tank, having to enter under breathing apparatus with an ultra-high pressure hydrojet. “Under trying and challenging circumstances, the crew successfully completed the task to high level of customer satisfaction and very high safety level over three weeks.” said Operations Supervisor Lachie Anning

2) Hazardous materials endanger flood recovery efforts

During recent flood recovery works in QLD, 9kg LPG gas canisters incorrectly disposed of in our commingled waste stream sparked a potentially serious incident with our mobile equipment. Thanks to safety protocols and quick thinking by our operators, no one was hurt. Never dispose of chemicals, lithium-ion batteries and gas cylinders in kerbside bins. Use a council organised hazardous waste collection service instead.

3) Asbestos contaminated bins

Can you spot what’s wrong with this picture? Spot on if you noticed the small amount of asbestos cement roof sheeting in one of our skips. Asbestos is not only harmful to health, it needs to be disposed of correctly. Our eagle-eyed operator isolated the skip and a licensed asbestos revivalist was contacted to remove and provide a clearance certificate.

4) Off the road and into the seas

Great to see our cruise industry getting back on its feet. We provide this ship in White Bay with a crane-approved bin service to support the ship’s maintenance through Cleanaway’s Grasshopper Environmental team in NSW.

5) Innovative solutions to everyday problems

Our Mandurah team is always looking for new ways to tackle old problems. The team have been working on a simple, effective innovation for hook-lift bin safety with a local bin manufacturer which is now being trialled in southern WA.

Most side opening hook-lift bins have no handle. This results in them being operated inconsistently, using pinch-bars more and increasing manual handling risks. This is an incredibly simple drop-away handle to keep us out of the line of fire and improve the operability of the door. It’s easily retrofitted to existing bins if the trial is successful.

6) Automated equipment cleaning services

Check out our newly installed Cleanaway parts washers for our customer in the mining and construction industries. The units pictured are a 10,000 litre agitated hot tank, and a TW6 “Rinse and Divert” Turbowash. Following careful consultation with the customer, these machines are helping them meet their contamination control requirements. These machines are highly entrenched in day-to-day operations with more than 15 other machines just like these across the site.

7) Household hazardous waste collection events

We recently supported the NSW EPA’s annual household hazardous waste collection event program in Sutherland where more than 200 tonnes of hazardous packaged waste were collected over four days. Household hazardous waste such as lithium-ion batteries, paint and chemicals should never be disposed of in the kerbside bins. Check with your local council on the availability of local drop-off events, permanent disposal sites, and national or state collection programs.

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