Fraser Road landfill rehabilitation: progress to May 2020

Take a look at the level of design and engineering that goes into rehabilitating a closed landfill. Our site at Fraser Road Landfill is being prepared to allow for vegetation growth and optimised for safety into the future.


June 18, 2020

Tags: Landfill

Cleanaway currently manages and oversees the rehabilitation of Fraser Road landfill.

Landfills are highly engineered facilities, designed to contain and control waste while protecting the environment.

The first step in rehabilitation involves reshaping onsite material to form the final profile.

At Fraser Road, approximately 650,000 cubic metres of ‘cut to fill’ was performed to achieve final top of waste contours. This involves excavation and placement of materials to create a foundation for capping layers and geosynthetics.

Over 250,000 square metres of engineered soil layer has been placed to date.

Installation of cap lining

Four geosynthetic layers have been installed as a composite system, working together to create a barrier from the waste.

  • Geosythetic clay liner
  • Geotextile
  • Geomembrane
  • Drainage geocomposite

To date, over 750,000 square metres of geosysthetics have been installed.

In the coming months, we will be placing subsoil and topsoil at Fraser Road to cover the geosynthetics and allow for vegetation growth. Post rehabilitation, ongoing maintenance and monitoring will also be undertaken.

Leachate ponds compound

Water coming into contact with waste creates leachate. Leachate is stored in ponds and is treated before being disposed of offsite. Fraser Road has six dedicated leachate ponds with a total capacity of approximately 65 million litres.

Pond 5 was upgraded in Nov/Dec 2019 to improve performance and prepare it for new aerators.

Learn more about leachate management here.

Fast facts

  • Fraser Road landfill was closed in June 2017
  • Rehabilitation works began in June 2019
  • We are currently installing geosynthetics, placing subsoil and constructing stormwater infrastructure
  • Cap construction is planned for completion by early 2021

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