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Footprint 2025: 2019 and beyond

Resource Recovery

February 14, 2019


In 2017, Cleanaway launched Footprint 2025, our roadmap to ensure Australia has the right infrastructure in place to support growing communities to manage their waste while maximising resource recovery.

In 2019, we remain committed to meaningful partnerships with government, business and the community to invest in the right facilities and technology to deliver on our mission. Here we summarise some of the highlights from the first half of this financial year.


South East Organics Facility


In November, our South East Organics Facility opened in Dandenong South, Victoria. The facility is designed to process over 100,000 tonnes of food organics and garden organics (FOGO) each year, servicing kerbside FOGO collections across South East Melbourne. With the addition of the depackaging unit, we can now separate food waste from it’s packaging to recover even more valuable organic material for reuse.


Eastern Creek Container Sorting Facility


Cleanaway’s Container Sorting Facility in Eastern Creek opened in November 2018. It processes containers collected through the NSW Container Deposit Scheme and is home to a sophisticated and highly automated optical sorting line. This state-of-the-art facility is capable of sorting, baling and distributing up to eight tonnes an hour of high-quality recyclables including aluminium, steel, PET, HDPE and liquid paperboard.


Erskine Park Transfer Station


Cleanaway’s new Erskine Park Transfer Station (TS) uses cutting edge sorting technology to divert up to 40% from landfill. Material that comes into Erskine Park will be sorted to collect all recyclable commodities and the residual dry waste will be diverted to Cleanaway ResourceCo’s Resource Recovery Facility at Wetherill Park (RRF). RRF converts the material to Processed Engineered Fuel – a sustainable fuel source that can be used as a substitute for coal.


Container Refund Scheme, Queensland


From 1 November 2018, Cleanaway successfully commenced logistics, processing and refund point services as part of the Queensland Container Refund Scheme, (CRS). Areas of Cleanaway operation include Greater Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Hervey Bay and Cairns. The successful mobilisation of 26 new vehicles, over 35 employees and a multitude of new equipment and facilities was a credit to the entire Cleanaway pre and post implementation teams.


The Resource Recovery Innovation Alliance (RRIA)


Cleanaway and Brisbane City Council (BCC) officially launched the Resource Recovery Innovation Alliance (RRIA) at Brisbane Landfill. In addition to providing waste haulage services with a fleet of 18 new High-Volume-Side-Tippers and Rear-Ejector trailers, Cleanaway manages four Resource Recovery Centres for BCC as well and Brisbane Landfill.

Twelve months of planning by the Qld Solids team to coordinate more than 85 assets and 80 staff culminated in a tremendously successful mobilisation and we have now successfully processed more than half a million customers through our sites and recovered over 50,000 tonnes of recycling from landfill.


Packaged organics trial


In Adelaide, South Australia, the team piloted a front lift packaged organics service that delivered substantial diversion from landfill for recyclable food organics. Reducing general waste weights by 15% and averaging 400kg collection per 3m3 bin, the success of the trial means the front lift packaged organics service can be rolled out to commercial customers across the state.


Welshpool Transfer Station


The new Welshpool Transfer Station in Perth opened 7 January after a short commissioning period before Christmas. The transfer station is designed to accommodate 130,000 tonnes per annum, a 30,000 tonne per annum premium to the existing Bayswater operation. Drivers are now accustomed to the unmanned traffic management system, which offers superior turnaround time to past operations. Safety has also seen considerable improvement in terms of yellow gear – truck/driver interaction, with Operators able to override the automated rapid shutting doors to ensure exclusion zone adherence. The site is now exiting the second stage of the project focused on resource recovery plant and equipment.


Soil Processing Facility upgrade


Our Sydney Soil Processing Facility completed an upgrade that increased the capacity of the facility. The facility is licensed to store and process hazardous soils and can process up to 700 tonnes per day.

Cleanaway is committed to serving you better through our investment in Australia’s resource recovery infrastructure. Our team of more than 5,500 highly trained staff are supported by a fleet of almost 4,000 specialist vehicles, working from a network of more than 250 locations nationwide, equipped and ready to process more recyclables so that as little residual waste as possible is left to be disposed of.

Contact us to learn more about our mission to make a sustainable future possible for every sector, industry and community.