Vik Bansal welcomes Victorian Container Deposit Scheme announcement

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November 2, 2020

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Cleanaway welcomes today’s announcement by the Andrews Government inviting Victorians to provide comment on the proposed split responsibility container deposit scheme (CDS).

“I congratulate the Andrews Government on today’s CDS announcement. This is a huge step towards achieving a domestic circular economy,” said Cleanaway’s CEO and Managing Director Vik Bansal.

The Victorian Government has indicated that a split responsibility CDS is the preferred model. By separating funding and operational roles, this model creates positive commercial tension and clarity of purpose. Each scheme partner has distinct drivers for cost efficiency, high consumer redemption rates, good citizen access and scheme integrity. The scheme coordinator is motivated to manage the scheme’s costs efficiently while the network operator is motivated to increase participation and drive container returns.

Under a split responsibility CDS model Victorians can expect to see:

  • A significant reduction in litter, particularly in our waterways
  • A maximum return in bottles, securing a clean stream of material for the jobs and industries in the circular economy
  • Scheme transparency and accountability
  • Consumer convenience for returns and cutting-edge technology such as reverse vending machines
  • Opportunities for charities and community groups to participate in fundraising and social enterprise activities

“Charities and community groups are the big winners here. Charities can engage and benefit from the split responsibility model as collection point operators, the recipients of direct donations though reverse vending machines or raising funds by bottle collection drives.” said Mr Bansal.

Cleanaway looks forward to working closely with the Andrews Government towards building a robust domestic circular economy and a more sustainable future.

For further information please contact:

Mark Biddulph
Head of Corporate Affairs
Telephone: +61 499 332 601

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