Cleanaway responds to herbicide spill via 1800 SPILLS emergency hotline

Three separate Cleanaway divisions joined forces to contain a spill which was communicated through our 1800 SPILLS hotline

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May 19, 2023

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At 10.30pm on 30 January 2023 a call came in through our 24 hour emergency hotline 1800 SPILLS notifying Industrial Waste Services Wodonga (IWS Wodonga) of a chemical spill.

The IWS Wodonga team was informed that a freight truck carrying approximately 10,000 litres of glyphosate rolled at a roundabout in Ettamogah north of Albury.

There was no time to waste as the accident had forced a road closure.

IWS Wodonga liaised through the night with Albury Fire Brigade and put a plan in place to have the waste picked up and disposed of quickly and safely so that the road could be reopened to the public.

The team then reached out to Branch Manager Dave Collins from Solid Waste Services Albury-Wodonga (SWS Albury) who aided in getting the damaged intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) picked up.

Dave and his team also worked to supply the fire brigade with extra IBCs to complete the liquid transfer.

The type of waste and where it could be safely accepted complicated the task of containing the spill.

EBP Hayden Rossback communicated with the NSW Environment Protection Authority (NSW EPA) and arranged for temporary approval to store the product at Cleanaway’s Knights Road facility in Albury.

Branch Manager Daniel Saliba and Chemist Wayne Ling from Cleanaway’s Haztech team in Glendenning arranged for the pick up of the waste and damaged containers.

All in all, three separate Cleanaway divisions (IWS Wodonga, SWS Albury and Haztech Glendenning) collaborated to deliver a safe outcome for the public.

Our 24 hour emergency response hotline 1800 SPILLS (1800 774 557) is the number to have on hand for any organisation dealing with the transport or storage of waste, liquid products, chemicals and operational plants.

Our expert teams provide urgent containment and clean up for:

  • grease trap and oily water
  • stormwater or sewer/septic waste
  • hazardous and non-hazardous spills
  • factory or facility response
  • bulk hazardous waste
  • large chemical spills.

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