Driver academy in NSW a win for diversity

Our Driver Academy for Women recruits in Hunter Central Coast will complete their training after six weeks resulting in full time driver roles at Cleanaway’s Somersby depot.

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November 23, 2022

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Our latest Driver Academy for Women in Hunter Central Coast got off to a flying start in Week 1 as the recruits quickly got a taste of things to come.

Pictured: The first half of our recruits rolling out of the Somersby depot for their first practical driving lesson.

Pictured: The women completing the driver offsider training under the supervision of Driver Trainer and Assessor Jason Gardner.

Pictured: Education Officer Michelle Murrell presents a sustainability talk to the eager recruits.

Safety was a priority right from the get go. Apart from operating safety equipment and performing routine truck inspections the recruits were taught ways to exit heavy vehicles affected by power lines.

Pictured: The recruits practise their jumps under the watchful eye of Driver Trainer and Assessor Adam Pascoe.

Pictured: Driver Trainer and Assessor Jason Gardner helps the women get a hang of knots and chains.

Pictured: Fire safety lessons saw the women take turns to learn the ins and outs of portable extinguishers.

Week 3 of the academy included eye opening site tours to IQ Renew MRF and Buttonderry Waste Management Facility organised by Municipal Contract Manager Mark Tildesley.

Pictured: The recruits at the IQ Renew MRF which is capable of sorting 30 tonnes of recyclable waste per hour.

Pictured: The women catch a glimpse of what happens at Buttonderry Waste Management Facility which is operated by Central Coast Council.

Pictured: Upon their return from the site tours the recruits continue polishing up their knot tying skills.

At the end of Week 3 recruit Beth Dunn led the way for the women of the academy by attaining her HR licence – a proud moment for the recruits and trainers.

Pictured: Academy recruit Beth Dunn poses with her newly acquired heavy rigid (HR) licence.

Week 4 got off to a cracking start with Rosalyn Wellham receiving her HR licence with the other recruits just days away from receiving theirs.

Pictured: Rosalyn Wellham is all smiles as she receives her licence.

Academy Manager Kristina Duris says, “Four more recruits will receive their HR licences by the end of Week 4. Even though these women come from different career backgrounds they have shown resilience throughout their training and have shown so much support for each other.”

“It makes me so proud to see their dedication and commitment to their new role as drivers for Cleanaway.”

The women will complete their training at the end of Week 6 before starting their careers as drivers based at Cleanaway’s Somersby depot.

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