HVO100 renewable diesel in Cleanaway vehicles

Made from raw renewable material like used cooking oil

Cleanaway operates around 5000 heavy vehicles delivering essential waste and recycling collections, transport and industrial solutions around the country. Our vehicles make up the second biggest component of carbon emissions from our operations and they are the largest contributor of greenhouse gas. With one of Australia’s largest fleets, we’re pursuing a range of solutions to incrementally decarbonise, working with local and international partners.

HVO100 is a renewable diesel and a fossil fuel alternative for our trucks. It is hydrotreated vegetable oil made from used oils and fats, such as used cooking oil. HVO100 reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 91% compared to fossil fuel, and also reduces the smell and black smoke emitted from vehicle tailpipes.

HVO100 is a fantastic option for Australia’s heavy vehicle industry as it can be used as a “drop-in” alternative to fossil diesel which means you don’t need to modify the vehicle, the engine or the refuelling infrastructure.

Cleanaway is sourcing Neste MY renewable diesel for this demonstration. We have chosen to partner with Neste because they have 15 years’ experience supplying HVO100 to European and American markets. They are committed to 100% sustainably sourced renewable raw materials with a fully traceable supply chain to ensure trust and credibility.

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Our HVO100 powered collection vehicles in action.