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Water recycling systems

Cleanaway provides a cost effective, easy to manage and environmentally sustainable waste water recycling solution and deionised water supply using our Service Deionisation system.


Using conventional ion exchange resins, Cleanaway’s water recycling system allows the recirculation of acid and chrome rinse baths and provides deionised water suitable for warranty applications.


Ion exchange is a valuable tool, and is widely used by powder coating and electroplating companies to remove dissolved heavy metals from rinses and other wastewaters to enable closed loop water recycling.


Cleanaway provide you with interchangeable resin columns that are changed based upon your usage. We will remove the exhausted columns, regenerate them at our treatment facilities and return them back to your site.


Service Deionisation system benefits

  • No discharge to trade waste
  • Reduced water usage
  • Closed loop recirculation
  • Improves water compliance – no water authority inspections required
  • Automated control system
  • Eliminates waste water compliance issues
  • No capital outlay
  • No fixed term contracts
  • Minimal maintenance
  • High quality DI water for rinse systems produces cleaner final product
  • More space efficient than conventional waste water systems
  • Eliminates the need for onsite storage and handling of hazardous goods such as water treatment chemicals
  • System integration includes pre-qualifications, site testing and performance analysis
  • Can be incorporated into existing production lines with minimal disruption.