Septic waste

Cleanaway has septic tank cleaning, pump out and maintenance services to suit your budget and septic tank sizes. We specialise in the collection and treatment of septic waste, aiming to remove, recover and reuse the maximum amount of waste with minimal environmental impact.


Septic tank problems

Septic tank issues may include:

  • Overflowing tank
    The tank should ideally be no more than two-thirds full.
  • Excess of scum and sludge in tank
    If solid scum and sludge are not emptied, the build-up will cause pipes and absorption trenches to be clogged up.
  • Water flows too quickly into tank
    Liquid effluent enters the tank too quickly before helpful bacteria have a chance to work. This forces solid contaminants into the system, polluting the holding tank and clogging up the absorption field.
  • Harmful toxic chemicals
    Helpful bacteria in septic systems may be killed when harmful chemicals like bleaches, oils, solvents, pesticides and household cleaning products enter the system.


How healthy is your septic system?

Signs that your septic tank is unhealthy and may need cleaning services include:

  • The smell of rotten egg-like gas
  • Dark green grass growing on or around absorption area
  • Toilet or drains are slow to clear
  • No septic tank maintenance has been done for the past 12 months


Why septic tank maintenance is important

Sewage and effluent produce disease-causing microorganisms and parasites. It is important to ensure the safe disposal of these contaminants to protect your health and safety.

A pump out service is required before sludge levels reach 30 percent of the total volume of the tank. Cleanaway’s septic tank pump out services can help desludge the entire system before serious septic tank problems occur.


Periodic septic tank pumping out can:

  • Prevent sewer drain blockages
  • Avoid discharge of raw sewage
  • Eliminate bad smells


Septic tank pump out cost factors

There are a few factors that influence septic tank pump out cost, such as:

  • Size of tank
  • Location of septic tank
  • Inspections


Tailored septic tank maintenance

We offer tailored septic tank pumping services, maintenance and inspections to keep your septic tank operating at optimal levels. Cleanaway can conduct a full check of your septic tank and drainage fields to ensure everything is working properly. Our specialist fleet of trucks and operators are fully-certified and compliant with all local laws.



Before septic tank emptying

Cleanaway can schedule regular septic tank inspections to keep your septic tanks working at optimal levels. The inspection hatches should be located and identified to hasten the septic tank emptying process. If a major amount of solids have accumulated, the tank lids may need to be removed completely. Minor digging may be required to uncover the lids and complete the process.


Septic tank pumping out

Cleanaway has a variety of trucks to fit your needs. Depending on the size of your septic tank and the distance from the road to your tank opening, the time taken to complete the septic tank pump out may vary. Depending on your usage, your septic tank may need a pump out once every 3-5 years.


Cleaning the septic tank after pump out

Once your septic tank has been emptied, our operators will re-examine your septic tank for any damages or issues. Repair and advice will be dispensed if necessary. Your septic tank will be re-sealed once all maintenance has been completed.


What is a septic tank?

A septic tank is an underground structure that uses biological decomposition and drainage processes to treat wastewater produced by bathrooms, kitchen drains, and laundries.


How a septic tank works



As wastewater passes through the septic tank, solid waste is separated and sinks to the bottom. At this point, healthy bacterial digestion occurs, reducing the quantity of solids and breaking them down into sludge. Lighter materials like grease and oil float to the surface and form a layer of crusty scum known as a scum blanket. This layer seals in air in the sewage that helps optimise bacteria breakdown.


Separated from scum, liquid effluent escapes the septic tank directly into the soil, or absorption field. Here, pathogens are eliminated by natural soil processes and nutrients are broken down.


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