Recycling & Waste Assessments

We can review the waste and recycling streams in your business to help you reduce waste and increase recycling levels.  Using a tried and true waste assessment framework, we work closely with customers to analyse and review waste materials.  Identifying areas where you can increase resource recovery and recycling and avoid waste, such as reducing the overall amount of materials coming into your business, can help you manage your waste materials more efficiently.  Simple changes such as waste avoidance, recycling your packaging materials or exploring your organisation’s capacity for ‘green purchasing’ can help reduce costs and bolster your recycling.


Understanding your material inputs and waste outputs helps to:

  • Identify opportunities for waste minimisation and cleaner production
  • Identify process inefficiencies that can be improved to minimise waste
  • Review waste management and storage options
  • Identify cost savings through alternate waste management strategies
  • Identify disposal alternatives
  • Develop more effective resource recovery and recycling systems