Plastic Recycling

The plastic wrapping, strapping and film used to protect goods in transit all recycle wonderfully well. So much so, they get their own category, bin and rebate structure. If your business generates a lot of soft plastic waste, get in touch to see how much you could save.


Plastic is baled and sent to recycling plants where it is shredded into small pieces and then washed. A floatation process separates plastics that may be mixed together due to lids being left on the products. Plastic is melted and stretched into strands, cooled, and cut into pellets or ground into powder.  The plastic pellets and powders are sent to manufactures to be moulded and cast back into plastic products and packaging. Recycled plastic is used to make new bottles and containers, wheelie bins, guideposts, fence pickets, irrigation pipes and fleece jumpers.