Green & Organic Recycling

If your business generates significant amounts of organic waste, you should consider our organic recycling option. Not only can it reduce your general waste costs, it keeps a reusable resource out of landfill and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.


We turn food scraps and green waste into compost, mulch, and, in some cases, nutrient intensive liquid fertilizer. It’s a great result for your waste costs and the environment.


Organic Waste & By-products

Specialist services for beneficial use of your liquid or solid organic by-products.  Operating since 1994, Cleanaway Organics is an established industry leader in the management of biosolids, effluent and liquid organic by-products.


Each year, we beneficially use over 75,000 tonnes of organic solids, and over 90,000 tonnes of organic liquids in land application, on behalf of Government Water Authorities and key national food manufacturers.  We provide our clients with a complete range of services from by-product assessments to identification of suitable end use sites, soil sampling, spreading & injecting services, as well as post application reporting for relevant regulatory requirements.


Our team comprises professional agricultural, soil and environmental scientists and experienced operators backed by a fleet of purpose built equipment and vehicles for all processing and applications requirements.  Cleanaway have the flexibility and commercial reach to operate year round beneficial use schemes and are dedicated to deliver you the highest level of operational safety, quality and environmental compliance.


Organic By-Products & Biosolids

Professional expertise on innovative, practical and sustainable solutions that meet regulatory requirements.  We have extensive experience in providing beneficial solutions for a wide range of organic by-products including: biosolids (treated sewage sludge); food waste and treated grease trap waste.


This form of waste is a valuable resource that contains nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorus, and organic matter which have been demonstrated to improve soil fertility.  Our sampling and assessment services will assess your by-product to determine the end uses that are most appropriate to relevant state regulations and guidelines including: land application, composting, land rehabilitation, landscaping or forestry.


Land suitability assessments, management plans and audits

Giving you the confidence that your organic by-products are being handled in accordance with industry Best Practice.


By-product sampling and assessment

Cleanaway can conduct your organic by-product sampling and assessment for agronomics and potential contaminants or provide advice on your own sampling program in order to meet relevant state guidelines.


We use and recommend NATA-accredited laboratories and can provide an ongoing biosolids classification service for major clients.


Land suitability assessments

Our team of environmental and soil scientists can conduct detailed site assessments to ensure the suitability of land application of organic by-products that meet industry best practice for effluent, biosolids and food manufacturing by-products.


Detailed site reports that investigate landform elements such as slope and groundwater, use considerations, potential impacts on sensitive areas, soil suitability and agronomic opportunities.


Cleanaway reports will also include information onsite conditions, proposed site activities and determine the appropriate controls to avoid impact on the environment and community to give you confidence that your operations meet Best Practice.


We can also liaise with government authorities and the community, as well as assisting with obtaining any approvals and licenses.


Management plans and audits

Cleanaway’s services include analysis or auditing of your current management practices and can optimise economically and environmentally sustainable management strategies to suit your requirements.


This can include management plans that address operational procedures to manage tasks associated with the beneficial use of biosolids including loading, transport, stockpiling, and application.


Our effluent management plans include a review of existing wastewater management practices and an assessment of utilisation areas. Recommendations for sustainable irrigation are made regarding wastewater quality, storage and application.


Consulting Services for Organic by-products, effluent and biosolids

Cleanaway consultants provide you with integrated solutions through innovative systems and procedures ensuring that we meet your needs, delivering safety and quality while minimising the environmental and community impacts.


Services include:

  • soil and water monitoring;
  • land suitability assessment;
  • environmental planning,
  • documentation and lodgement;
  • audits;
  • effluent management plans;
  • biosolids research and market surveys;
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping of end use sites;
  • stakeholder engagement and community consultation;
  • year-round logistics management of organics transport; and
  • spreading and injecting services for biosolids and other organic by-products.


Cleanaway can tailor a program to suit the needs of your business now and into the future.


Organic waste transportation

Handling all your requirements with a fleet of purpose-built vehicles.


We are experts in logistics have a fleet of vehicles and tankers dedicated to transport liquid organics or solid organics to land sites where it is then used, to directly improve the fertility and structure of agricultural soils.  For peace of mind, all drivers are inducted into Cleanaway Spill Management Plans and Transport Procedures and are supported by our 1800 SPILLS national emergency response service.  We believe this integrated approach to compliance, legislation and workplace health and safety for collection, transport and beneficial use ensures that you can have confidence in our operations.


Cleanaway operates under an externally certified Health Safety and Environment Management System to meet the requirements of key Australian standards for quality, environment and OHS.