Water Blasting

Our industrial cleaning services remove dirt, scale, or unwanted materials from surfaces and structures, including sewers, drains, tanks, floors, marine vessels, bridges, buildings, manufacturing plant facilities and other amenities.


Cleanaway has a comprehensive range of high velocity water and abrasive cleaning services to meet the specific requirements of any industrial application.


Drawing on extensive industry knowledge and a diverse range of specialist equipment, Cleanaway can undertake high pressure water blasting and ultra high pressure jet rodding jobs of any size.


Our range of cleaning equipment can produce a variety of flow and water pressures, enabling our highly trained and experienced staff to achieve professional results across a wide range of operational situations.


Water blasting and abrasive cleaning applications include:

  • Sewer and drainage cleaning
  • Pipe and tube cleaning
  • Tank and vessel cleaning
  • Surface preparation
  • Removal of protective and surface coatings
  • Hydro excavation
  • Cold cutting in hazardous environments
  • General plant de-scaling
  • Tube de-scaling
  • Column and tower cleaning
  • Floor cleaning


We strive to deliver the highest levels of operational safety, quality and environmental compliance to help reduce your risk profile.


High Pressure Water Blasting

Our high pressure and ultra high pressure water blasting services provide an efficient way to clean tanks, pipes, vessels, and helipads. We specialise in providing industrial cleaning of confined spaces within tanks and vessels and cold cutting in hazardous environments.


Ultra High-Pressure Water Jetting

Our specialist ultra high-pressure water jetting services are ideal for exposing corroded reinforcement bars, roughening concrete surfaces, raking out joints, widening cracks for refilling, removing coatings and residues and selectively cold cutting without adversely influencing the surface structure or mechanical properties of the material.


The use of ultra high-pressure water jetting for abrasive cutting (cold cutting) offers a cost effective alternative to diamond saw cutting on concrete, and grinder and blow torch cutting on steel. Cold cutting is an extremely accurate and efficient method for cutting through materials such as concrete, glass, refractory, steel and plastics.


Cleanaway tailors high pressure water-jet abrasive cutting to suit almost any application, including in refineries and chemical plants where volatile gases are present.