Drain Cleaning & Sewer Pipe Services

Cleanaway provides comprehensive drain cleaning and sewer pipe services for businesses of all sizes. We can also inspect your systems regularly to ensure the drainage of waste products and overflows are constantly moving and lower the risk of drain blockage.


Drainage systems should be checked for blockages at least once a year. There are multiple factors that could cause a clogged pipe – some of these include large objects getting stuck in the system, overuse due to extensions being added or simply the condition of the pipes due to age. Road drainage systems are particularly vulnerable due to dirt and traffic.


Cleanaway also provides factory drainage cleaning services for commercial and industrial purposes. We offer a comprehensive high-pressure cleaning service tailored to your specific industrial application, such as acid plants, manufacturing facilities, oil refineries, construction utilities and many more. High-pressure water minimises fatigue on the pipe cleaned, providing an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective method for cleaning drains.


Our drain cleaning service can be combined with a rooter service to remove damaging trees roots. Cost of the service can vary depending on where the blockage is and the system’s access points.


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Wide range of services

Cleanaway has a wide range of services to suit all drainage systems and budgets. We can also schedule regular inspections and drain cleaning to keep things flowing smoothly. Some of our services include:


Rooter (root cutting) service

Cleanaway utilises a high-pressure water and rotating cutting head system to remove roots and similar blockages from your drain system. Our cost-effective and environmentally friendly service can remove roots, foreign objects and other buildups while minimising damage on existing structures.


CCTV services

Cleanaway uses remote-controlled CCTVs to inspect pipes for blockages, damages and normal inspection. The CCTV system is used for storm water and septic drainage inspections before and after service is undertaken. This ensures the drainage system flows as it should. For smaller pipes, we will use a smaller hand feed CCTV. It offers the same high-resolution image as the larger, remote-controlled unit does but is better suited for smaller drains and sewer pipes.


Culvert, road drainage & pollution trap surveying

Cleanaway also provides drainage and catchment systems surveying. This service is part of our regular cleaning contract for such systems, enabling us to document the cleaning process and submit reports to our customers as needed. Regular culvert, road drainage and pollution trap surveys also allow us to identify the cause of blockages and recommend a cleaning schedule around the affected infrastructures.


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