Sealing & Remediation

Our team of experts assess all types of cracks, leaks and maintenance requirements, to provide a sealing, remediation or waterproofing solutions to suit the situational factors.


We are an approved applicator for a range of concrete manufacturing companies, and utilise products to suit dry or wet conditions and meet structural and non-structural requirements for varying applications:

  • Leaking reservoirs
  • Ground stabilisation
  • Structural repairs to bridges and beams
  • Leaking tunnels and construction pits
  • Leaking basements and car parks
  • Re-establish seals and improves the integrity of the structure
  • Civil engineering structures – dams
  • Movement or stationary cracks
  • Construction or expansion joints


Using the latest injection technology, Cleanaway utilises polyurethane resin, acrylic gel, epoxy resin and mineral suspension solutions for applications such as bridges, buildings and tunnels.