CCTV surveillance for drains and pipes

Cleanaway offers a comprehensive Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) pipe inspection and monitoring for the review and administration of wastewater systems. Our service enables the collection of inspection data using a range of specially developed cameras to provide a full colour video inspection service on all types of pipes. All cameras are tracked from the surface and the precise location of defects or blockages are marked for service.


Our pipe camera service allows us to trace and pinpoint locations for survey references and examine the structural integrity of drainage assets. Cleanaway’s CCTV pipe inspection contractors can identify defects, debris, pollutants as well as threats to drain function before carrying out preventive measures.



CCTV pipe inspection benefits

  • Identifies blockages to mine site processes, stormwater drains, sumps, wash bay piping, and oil separator piping
  • Determines the effects of gas corrosion on ceramic sewer mains and concrete or cast iron pipelines
  • Assesses general condition and suitability of existing systems
  • Provides a quick and accurate way to get an instant, detailed look at the condition of underground sewer or stormwater drainage systems
  • Enables chemical treatment of conduits for effective root control
  • Helps plan pipe cleaning schedules and future maintenance work
  • Helps develop cost-saving plans to maximise life of expensive assets



CCTV technology features

  • Comprehensive high-tech solution for sewage maintenance, including combination of a laser profiler, sonar system and CCTV unit
  • Drainage system information is recorded and backed up on DVD as a resource for referral
  • Designed to cater for any sized drain from 100mm to larger 1,000mm+ drains
  • For smaller drains, a smaller hand feed CCTV device is used offering the same high-resolution image as a larger, remote-controlled unit



Cost effective infrastructure maintenance for councils

Australian councils spend millions of dollars each year on unscheduled maintenance resulting from sewage pipe deterioration. Cleanaway’s technology-based CCTV pipe inspection, a combination of self-propelled CCTV camera unit, a laser profiler and sonar system, is the solution for our municipal clients.


A CCTV unit is run through the piping system to assess the current situation. Using a laser profiler attached to the camera, a powerful software is used to generate 180 points of reference along the pipe. Its shape and level of deterioration from hydrogen sulphide and other gasses are examined, which enables early prevention of pipe collapses.


In cases of low visibility where there is a lot of debris, the team sends in a float containing sonar equipment to supplement the solution.


Armed with this information, Councils can closely monitor the performance of their pipes and design cost-saving plans to maximise the life of this important and expensive asset.



CCTV for drain cleaning and inspection

Our drain cam service operators are experienced and qualified. Upon completion of work, we deliver recorded footage and drain camera hire reports to enable performance monitoring of pipes and development of plans to maximise the life of these underground assets.


Cleanaway can also schedule regular inspections and drain cleaning to keep things flowing smoothly.


Contact us and learn how our CCTV pipe inspection services can help your business.