Spray Equipment Cleaners

Cleanaway provides a complete cleaning solution for spray painters with a professional range of spray gun cleaning machines and equipment maintenance service.


A complete spray equipment cleaning solution

  • Cleans spray guns to a professional standard
  • Uses clean and re-circulated thinners in the cleaning process
  • Ensures spray guns are quickly cleaned and ready for reuse
  • Longer lasting thinner results in fewer replacements and lowers waste disposal costs
  • Easy to use, foot operated controls
  • Solvent based cleaners available


Spray gun cleaning machine maintenance service

  • Machine installation and set up
  • Supply of clean thinners
  • Removal of waste paint residue and used thinner in line with EPA requirements
  • Filter system cleaning
  • Machine cleaning, checks and repairs


Servicing and maintenance is also available for all types of water based spray booths and supply of new filters for dry booths.