Grease trap cleaning services

Cleanaway offers grease trap cleaning services at competitive prices and service times to suit your needs. We have a full fleet of vacuum trucks and experts ready to deliver a suite of grease trap cleaning and maintenance services.


Our grease trap services are efficient, discreet and environmentally-friendly. The collected grease is given a new lease on life when recycled into mulch and compost, effectively creating a genuine closed loop where recycled materials are used to create something new.


Cleanaway’s grease trap cleaning services includes:

  • Complete FOG (fat, oil, grease) removal
  • Washing and scraping of walls and baffles
  • Inspection of inlet and outlet points
  • Deodorisation and replacement of lids
  • Reporting of trap condition and abnormalities
  • Trap audits to maintain service quality


Higher efficiency with Cleanaway’s patented grease trap waste treatment technology

Our patented process and mechanical device to screen, filter and separate grease trap waste minimises offsite disposal by 80% while doubling sludge processing capacity. Cleanaway’s innovation employs continuous operation rather than a slower standard batch process, which requires separated components to be taken offsite for secondary treatment and disposal. This same technology also separates waste into water, dry solids and tallow, which can be used to produce soap, and animal feed.


Find out more about our patented grease trap technology, and the man who created it, Cleanaway’s Steve Danielisdis in this article here.


What is a grease trap?

A grease trap is an essential plumbing device that is commonly installed along wastewater drain pipes. Grease traps stop oil and grease from entering our waterways by trapping solid grease and light waste particles.


How to clean a grease trap

Grease traps need regular maintenance, emptying and cleaning to ensure optimal functioning and to prevent blockages. It is important to clear out grease traps before they pollute our environment.


When you engage Cleanaway for grease trap cleaning services, our grease removal expert will assess the grease to water ratio of your waste and make recommendations to:

  • Empty liquid and solid debris
  • Remove blockages
  • Deodorise to facilitate drainage and keep grease trap smell to a minimum
  • Properly dispose grease and recycle in EPA-licensed facilities


Why grease trap waste management is important

Restaurants, large kitchens, and other businesses in the food and beverage industry produce a lot of grease and solids every day. By engaging Cleanaway’s grease trap cleaning services, your business will not have to worry about:

  • Overspills
  • Bad smells and risk of flooding
  • Blockages of inlet and outlet pipes through heavy build-up in grease traps
  • Hefty fines and possible legal action from local water authorities
  • Expensive emergency grease trap repairs


Depending on the size of your establishment, it is recommended that your grease traps are serviced two to six times annually.


Factors affecting price of grease trap cleaning

Our grease trap price and services are tailored to your needs and is variable depending on:

    • The size and location of your grease trap
    • Frequency of cleaning
    • Ad-hoc vs scheduled cleaning
    • Volume of grease removal
    • Type of grease trap


Grease trap regulations

Regular grease trap maintenance is required by law to prevent the grease from leaking into the sewerage system. Cleanaway has electronic waste tracking in place to make it easier for you to report to the relevant authorities in compliance with grease trap regulations.


We offer both ad-hoc services as well as scheduled arrangement to suit your business’ grease trap servicing frequency.


Why choose Cleanaway?


We provide complete waste tracking documentation from source to disposal, compliant with all state regulations. Our rigorous processes, strict adherence to compliance, quality and commitment to safety ensures that your grease trap waste is collected with minimal disruption to your business.


Cleanaway is certified to the following standards:

  • ISO 9001 (Quality)
  • ISO 14001 (Environment)
  • AS 4801 (OHS)


We operate under an externally certified Integrated Management System meeting the requirements of key Australian standards for quality, environment and safety.


The extensive coverage of our liquid and hazardous waste fleet and strict licensing standards for our operators and drivers means we can deliver the highest level of operational compliance.


Equipment and personnel

Our specialist fleet of purpose-built and environmentally safe, vacuum loading trucks will collect and transport your grease trap waste to a EPA-licensed facility where it will be processed and repurposed as needed. In combination with strict licensing standards of our operators and drivers, grease trap waste is transported and processed according to all required state laws and procedures.


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