Construction and Demolition Waste

Whether it’s the construction of a high rise, a building refurbishment, shop fit out, redevelopment or infrastructure project, Cleanaway has extensive experience managing waste from constructions and demolitions.


Traditionally one of the biggest contributors to landfill, we make the most of construction and demolition waste to ensure as much of it is recycled and repurposed as possible.


All types of construction and demolition waste materials are catered for including broken bricks, concrete, green waste, plasterboard, metals, soils, tiles and timber. Materials can be combined in one bin through our comingling systems.


Cleanaway’s construction and demolition waste services include:

  • Provision of highly engineered and certified hook lift and skip bins to meet your capacity requirements (2m³— 23m³)
  • Fast bin delivery turnaround times (same day and after hours) through the use of an innovative GPS fleet tracking system
  • Flexible collections
  • Meeting Green Star rating requirements
  • Site-based waste management plans and monthly recycling performance reports
  • Customised waste management and recycling solutions to minimise the amount of waste going to landfill


As part of our view that all waste is a resource, we aim to recover, recycle and reuse building waste wherever possible. Our specialist facilities sort, process and recycle building materials to divert the waste from going to landfill. Waste materials like concrete, bricks, timber, soil and green waste continue their life beyond the building site through different forms of recycling or reuse.


Cleanaway is strongly committed to the safe and responsible management of waste, regulatory compliance and the protection and enhancement of the environment.


Construction and demolition waste services are only available in some areas.